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by The Good Life on August 10, 2017

in America

As someone who feels like at 38, they are in “decent” shape for being an office person with wife and child, I have never felt that fit or strong though and always felt like i have a couple of pounds to lose and so I was intrigued when someone at work sent us a note saying “Look Good Naked”, not the usual email you expect on a tuesday morning.  Especially intrigued after the Costa Rica trip in March with Sani and Koen both of whom are chiseled bellied men.

Me. Not Chiseled.

Since I moved to the states 5 years ago, its not that I’ve ever fat overweight or fat but between being a parent, having a dadbod, office dweller and the wonderful food that Portland has, I have gradually put on a few pounds but never really been sure of how much.  So I thought, perfect time to figure it out.

That said, I usually in a week use the gym 2/3 times, do yoga twice, run once and play football once.  But my diet is usually poor consisting of:

Breakfast of sugary cereal or eggs & bacon.

Lunch of something including rice.

Dinner.  Whatever we fancy.

Snacks throughout and beers when needed.

The Before.

As one of the first steps on this journey, we had the good folks from Dexa Scan come out and visit us at Nike.  The scan itself is fairly simple and straight forward, and the chaps from Dexa are amazing at explaining first what will happen and second ways to improve your body.

So…. day 1.

May 2nd : Body Fat : 21.7%

Total Mass : 198.3lbs : Fat Tissue : 41.2lb : Lean Mass : 148.9lbs

Yes this confirmed what I thought.  I’m heavy.  Maybe too heavy.  I feel it.

So the first 6 weeks we trained 3 times a week, with Ryan Flaherty (read more on him in links at the bottom) who has a very specific way of training, which whilst ungodly hard, is amazing.  You feel like you can’t walk, move your arms or sit all at once for the first few days.  Lots of time under tension.  In his words the simpler you make your training, the better the results become.

Most days.

Now as per above, Ryan recommended Intermittent Fasting.  Whats that you say?  Basically, stop eating at 8pm every night and don’t eat until noon the next day.  Ultimately you put your body into a state of Ketosis and trying to get your body to run off the fat within the body.  The way I understand it best, is imagine you drive a car everyday and end of the day it still has gas left in the tank.  Next morning you go to the gas station and fill it up, it uses that new energy to operate. To burn fat you need to go through all the gas in the tank and then start chipping away at the reserve tank aka fat.

The first 2 weeks was pretty tough as increased training plus no food in the morning means 11-12 meetings become pretty irritable but if a few of you are doing it becomes easier.

Just working on those love handles as stylish as it gets.

I also reduced my carb intake at lunch, cut out rice etc as I was always getting tired after lunch.  This has definitely helped!!

Snacks : I tried cutting them out but still had the odd Cliff bar here and there.  I also had a doughnut on date night and a few other things including ice cream because of course ice cream.   Alcohol : I definitely had a few beers here and there but no real blow outs as alcohol is certainly the enemy in losing weight.

Check in 2 : June 21st : Body Fat : 17.3%

Total Mass : 185.5lbs : Fat Tissue : 32.1lb : Lean Mass : 145.2lbs

Fat Lost : 9lbs

Total loss : 13lbs

I was so hyped to see this progress its crazy as i had been weighing myself but to see this drop in such a short time felt great.  I felt lighter when surfing, and definitely noticed some more definition.  So after seeing the results i set about another 6 weeks with the same diet but switched up the workouts, adding some more upper body strength, adding more cycling and keeping up with the rest.  Snacking did start happening a bit more unfortunately towards the end.

2nd 6 weeks was way more like this…

The other thing that we started midway through the first 6 weeks, and continued on was Hello Fresh.  Amazing ingredients delivered to your door, with great recipes and relatively affordable.  Now I thought this wasn’t worth it, but for the meal portion size alone its amazing as it stops me eating huge bowls of pasta.

Check In 3 : August 7th : Body Fat : 14.1%

Total Mass : 182.9lbs : Fat Tissue : 25.8lb : Lean Mass : 148.8lbs

Fat Lost : 15.4 lbs

Total loss : 15.4lbs (check the scan, you see my bone density went up, lean muscle went down hence the same number)

Again I was really happy with the results, but was also stoked to see i managed to chip away at the total fat, which coming down from 41.2 to 25.8 feels amazing.  The crazy thing with that is this morning we were throwing 14lb medicine balls in the air, and that is such a heavy workout.  Essentially i have been carrying that around in fat on my body the last few years.  I did lose 3lbs of muscle in my legs though and I imagine thats because we moved away from the time under tension work.  I also didn’t take BCAA as much in the second 6 week period.  The other thing with this, was that at the beginning I had a worryingly high level of Visceral fat (around the vital organs) and so I managed to reduce that from 1.53lbs down to 0.54lbs which is way better level.

Somehow, I lost that amount of fat is the weight of that med ball.  insane to me, but apparently true.

So in summary things that I learnt about through this :-

Having a crew to train with is the most important thing to keep you motivated both in the gym but also on the diet side.  Find a partner and hold each other accountable!  This crew is the best!

Training : time under tension.

BCAA’s : Thank you Max Artsis, which essentially stops your muscles being eaten away when dieting.  Helps explain muscle loss

Intermittent Fasting : No food till 12.  No recovery shakes, just water and coffee.

Hello Fresh : Portion Control people!

Bullet Proof Coffee : I also realized thats an amazing treat and seemingly fine in Ketosis.

Am I going to continue?

If it means i can do this with Lenny then anything for that!  I also know now to get body fat down to say 12% will take a really ramped up training schedule, so we’ll see how that fits around life, but the diet is an easy way to ensure to keep working towards that goal.

Links to learn more:

Dexa Scan



The Savant of Speed — Ryan Flaherty

A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners






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