Back on Snow

by The Good Life on December 23, 2017

in Snowboarding

So working backwards I figured out that this year is my 20th season snowboarding.

Some how may first day was a race day.  But turns out I love racing these days.

Also love to see when friends are able to leave an imprint on Snowboarding such as these Dragon goggles from Schoph.

Bryan Fox, another person who loves racing.

I took all these photos with the iPhone 7 to test the quality vs SLR…

Pretty decent I’d say!

Although there wasn’t too much snow it was perfect for Lenny.

Pretty amazing to see 7 months pregnant Mareike teaching him to ride!

Remember, bend those knees Lenny!

Talking of babies, the one and only Java with his offspring.

The course at Dirksen Derby is quite something.  I’d love to get to ride this thing all season long.

Makes you feel like your surfing on some of the berms.

Not pictured!  Ice!

My race board for day 2.  The Salomon Super 8!  Amazing!

Austin Smith, seems quite at home with two kids.

Thats a game face from Lenny right there.

When Jono Wood and Schoph meet….

Don’t worry about us just riding the big hill.

Moments before my speed checks which killed my time.

and be like Lenny.  “If Its broke, Fix it”


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