Mexico – K38, Puerto Neuvo

by The Good Life on January 3, 2018

in America

On our California trip we decided to take a extra trip down to Mexico to Baja for a few days of surf, sun, Lobster, shopping and good times.

We were down at K38 just about half an hour past the border.  Theres so many spots to surf, places to eat all along the beach road its amazing.

Places like this for lunch make me happy.  Simple, friendly, cheap, amazing food and a mellow atmosphere.

Octopus Tacos.  Yes and yes!

Make sure to check it out at K38.

We also spent some time down at Puerto Neuvo a little fishing village known for its lobster.

All roads lead to the sea.

They have a good selection of food, drinks and loads of shopping.  More shopping than you can deal with.  Lenny and June just putting in that work.

Joe Carlino being the general legend he is.

More in the next post on where we stayed…

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