Mexico Surfing

by The Good Life on January 3, 2018

in America

I thought it about time to post some photos of the actual surfing in Mexico.  Right out front of the house, you had two waves a right and a left.

Couple waves for days.

Under the watchful eye of Lenny.

Joe trying to find some shade from the Club Med balcony.

Of course you always have the big guy watching over you.

I managed to get a few waves including this one.  Surfing is the most difficult sport to do I think, when you think you’re getting it, you see a picture a realise you are still a way off where you think you are.
We did manage to do an edit from the Drone which blew my mind how easy it is to use.  So good!  This was the DJI Mavic Pro.

Yes the waves were small the last day but such a great way to capture surfing.

The view from the terrace is all time.

Thank you Mexico!

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