by The Good Life on July 8, 2018

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Another year around the sun and another opportunity to get a great crew together for a beach trip.  The crew consisted of a Fin, a Fin/American, 3 Americans, 1 German, 1 Canadian, 1 Aussie, 2 Brits and 2 german/British children.

Mareike organized the whole thing as she is the best ever.  I thought it was going to be terrible and rainy but she insisted and when we got there the whole crew was there.

and it wasn’t half bad.

Of course Chloe and Lenny besides swapping clothes are both the people in charge of s’mores duty.

Only 1 didn’t make it…

we also found the first homeless looking Tesla driver.

And a man about to get married in a month.

I mean this is pretty special.

In related news I also organized my cave.  Notice the addition of the We surf artwork….

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