Mt Hood – wedding weekend

by The Good Life on August 22, 2018

in America

With a wedding at Timberline we finally had a reason to get a room at the lodge up there.  With the air quality changing daily it was interesting to get a couple of perspectives up there.

This was where the Shining was actually filmed.  I dont think I have ever managed to actually watch the whole thing its so scary.

Friday night you could see some of the smoke still lingering around.

Thankfully for the wedding day it all receded and the beautiful couple had a great day of weather for their happy day.

and we decided to hike as far as we could to enjoy it.  Maybe 50 ft from the hotel but well worth it.

I also practiced a technique I saw from Cyril Muller once upon a time. Slow shutter speed and follow the subject.

On the final morning we had a beautiful brunch at Government camp with the priest himself Preston Strout.

Of course we rounded out with a trip to the lake too….

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