Parenting Role models

by The Good Life on September 2, 2018

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Writing the blog above did make me think about how lucky we are to have so many good role models and so thought I should add a role call.  Sometimes we think about role models at work or proffesionally, but doing this made me think how many damn good parents we know…
So in no particular order, parents I look up too/love/admire and respect.
Bill & Patty Fox, and Bryan and Austin who will be awesome dads.
Stephen and Hannah Fox who are always going to have more kids than you.
Meinolf Blume.  3 girls.
Ami and Colleen, 1 child 1 cat.
Wille and Rebeca, 3 kids, 3 coffee shops.
Java and Abigail.  Java is going for the 2022 Olympics with Asimo strapped to him.
More of Wille.  Hiking Baker with his daughter.
The legend that is Kiwi.  the absoloute epitome of Stoke and great parenting.
Connie.  The one and only Connie.  Love her.
My dad.
Not yet a father, but Sani makes it look pretty good.
Mr Koen.  Not pictured are wife and kids.  Always stoked, always having fun.  Always the original boss at work.
Mum and Dad.
Gigi.  legend snowboarder and great dad.
Ed Leigh.  traveling the world, riding, biking with his kids.
The Swiss cheese Cyril.
Craighill when he wore 24/7 camo, who has kids learning guitar already and more fashion sense than me.
And gods own physio Mr Jan Schroder.
Ean Lensch
Damon Morris
Gary Greenshields Jr.
Ben Wall.  Futbol god.
The Keatings and the Elkners, multi kid, truck having, banked slalom racing Demi gods of snowboarding combined with fine dad skills.

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