Crossfit Woodslawn

by The Good Life on July 13, 2019

in Portland

Now before you see CrossFit and look away, I’m here to break a few misconceptions.  I’ve been a member here since January this year.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a resolutions kind of gym goer it seems.  Between becoming a parent for the second time, hitting 40 and trying to keep my body in one piece after my year of yoga obsession I thought it was time to add something else into my training, and hey presto, a new gym opened in Multnomah Village, SW Portland.

I’ve been lucky enough to do a few years of HIIT training at work, with various trainers, and learnt some stuff but never really tried to master the fundamentals of lifting or the gymnastic side of it, so I thought it a good challenge.

After the first introductory session and finding out the luckily I can somewhat move (except for this sticky shoulder I’m carrying from a broken arm a few years ago), however I had a long way to go before getting anywhere near what I would imagine someone who does CrossFit to move like.  But the great thing was, upon joining the gym I noticed pretty quickly there was a lot of other people like me, dealing with injuries and not sleeping much from being a parent amongst other things.

The great thing about a gym like woods lawn is that yes, it costs more than most gyms, however for that, you have a very caring coach in Dan the owner who literally watches every rep to make you better, which in the beginning you can feel a bit self conscious about, but its an amazing way to improve your technique, posture and overall fitness.

The other amazing thing that Dan brings together as with many CrossFit gyms is a sense of community.  Whether it be free community workouts or Saturday morning classes in the park or for Memorial Day when we all did Murph.

Seeing the effort everyone gave that day and the diversity in ability and age was so good to see that no matter your level there is something here for you.   We also all took part in a very scaled version of the Open this spring which was cool to see the variety needed and also be part of something bigger as once you start CrossFit you see how many other people around the world take part too.

There community aspect is something that Crossfit has done really well at and here its amazing to see, whether you are someone of a good level like the coaches, or more in the dad class like myself or in our legends group for over 65s, every is welcome and pushing each other on.  Its also a great thing for the burgeoning Multnomah village to have a gym like this as its walking distance to most places, which along with the food carts makes it a great part of town to live.

Its also personally been a pretty amazing learning curve in how to move better.  One of the best things I find is that most classes there might be a strength portion, which can be a set of 4 x 5 that you work up to for 20 minutes so you can then spend a lot of time stretching and your technique.  One of the problems I’ve had in other classes is that you go for an hour and workout for 56 of those minutes and so can’t walk the next day.  By focusing on some strength instead its amazing the difference it makes and you see when you have a higher heart rate how much of a workout that is.

I also set a couple of goals, including doing a 6 ft handstand walk.  Now in Jan 2018 I couldn’t handstand, couldn’t even kick upside down.  By the end of the year I could hold one for like 2 seconds.  So to go from that to walking was a stretch, but stayed after class most days and finally July 4th I snagged a good 6 ft walk! – here’s that handstand walk

So point of this blog?  well just to say, next time you see a CrossFit gym, don’t have any hesitation take a walk inside, say hello and take a class.  Your body and importantly your mind will thank you!!! go check out Crossfit Woodslawn here or or  and yes… kids are welcome!

Dan at his very best


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