Ways to learn as a family during these times.

by The Good Life on March 23, 2020

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So here we are, day 10.  We decided to basically lock down as soon as this thing started to look dangerous in the US and thus far, its been a pretty surreal experience with snow the first two days and then glorious sun the days since.

It feels a bit like a social experiment that the whole world is in together where essentially Mother Earth has just said “listen, you all need to learn some lessons, you’ve all taken things for granted way too much”.  Funnily enough whilst writing this I saw a instagram from Greg Martin reposting something from Dana White.

So we’ve been taking the opportunity, as I’m sure many others have to focus on us as a family so I thought I’d offer some thoughts on ways to use this time we all have together.


Its funny, since Lilly was born she has loved music.  In The car, at home, at daycare she seems to love it.  Also with Lenny he has been played music since he was in the womb, especially Bob Marley as its the same beats per minute as a mother walking so it helps soothe them when they are born like they are still in the womb.  But with music being important and me knowing the square root of nothing, we decided to buy a couple of guitars and start learning.  Youtube has a whole host of ways to learn but I have struggled a bit with any of them being simple enough so I found Simply Guitar last week which has been amazing.  Tons of basics easy to follow and whilst I likely still sound terrible I am at least feeling like I have some progress.


I’ve been an advocate for yoga for well over two years now and have made it part of my daily routine in between Crossfit and running.  However without the ability to go out or to the regular classes we do, we’ve been waking up early, committing to yoga, for 30 mins every morning which in times like these helps settle the mind no end.  The training team at Nike have done phenomenal work to take down the paywall to NTC premium this week which features some great practices.


I know everyone right now is stressing on food shortages at the stores so a solution might be food delivery services.  We’ve used Hello Fresh for a couple of years already and considering how damn expensive groceries are over here we find it an amazing way to get great ideas for food along with the ingredients themselves.  We’re switching from 3 meals a week up to 5 so we don’t have to rely on the stores as much.  Along with baking things like muffins (including an insane sweet potato recipe) these are such good ways to spend time engaging kids.


To the original point about this being a teaching lesson, we’ve been playing football a lot together in the house and in the front yard.  Lenny has been going to “Soccer Stars” at rose city futsal which he has enjoyed, but I must admit with a heavy heart I hadn’t been playing with him as much as I should.  I fear that’s kind of the culture the western world has become.  If you want kids to do something, put them in a course.  

Many of my fondest memories and also how I learnt most about football and the way a ball bounces weren’t from playing in teams, it was from playing at home with my dad, kicking against a wall for hours on end.   So the last few days of playing with lenny to the point now where he has been actually now asking to play has starkly reminded me of how the simplest things can give children the most fun.


This time of year is usually when I look at the garden with a sense of dread.  Weeding, laying grass seed, new vegetables, all the green finger stuff.  Its a great thing to for kids so they can understand how we get our food and much like the reference above, teach us all that food shouldn’t be as simple as having everything available all of the time.  Learning the importance of sunlight, water and good earth is one of the most simple lessons but so valuable to kids.

So thats our 5 things we have been using to get us through everyday as a family.

The other thing which has been the major change, has been like many of us is working from home.

Friday, I definitely managed to get the first day of productive work done it felt like. How did it start?  Well, yoga, coffee and then I showered.  Huge game changer right there! Sounds so simple but the first few days of the week I wasn’t really starting my day the way I needed to actually be productive.

We also at work elected to keep 12-2 free of calls and 4-6 free for work or just to be with your family which has been a game changer.  This article from Matt Barr gives some other great examples of ways to work as a team from home.

So for now, we’re going to keep making the best of things and be thankful for having a house with a yard, some decent weather, lots of activities and a being a family.

Thanks for reading.

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