The Costa Rica Movie

[vimeo][/vimeo] I really enjoy making these videos as a great way to remember a trip.  This one has been a blast!  Enjoy! TweetRead more

Costa Rica!

With spring break approaching, last minute the call went out for a couple of good souls for a trip down south and so with a few last minute arrangements we managed to get the best Austrian, Belgium and the UK could pull together and what your left with is some average sun burnt surfers. HavingRead more

Mt Baker – Legendary Banked Slalom 31

I’ve been very lucky in snowboarding.  No messing around there.  I’ve managed to blag my way onto trips, work on a couple of amazing snow programs, and ride and work with some of the most amazing people you could wish to meet.  I’ve also had my fair share of misfortune in terms of injuries.  But…Read more

Snowpocalypse 2017

This last week has reminded me a lot of the storms we would have in England, where there would be a few inches of snow and then it would be just sledging for days on end.  Portland has been pretty much on lock down in parts for 5 days and counting. Lenny has been outRead more

Mt Hood

It seems my luck at Hood is changing.  The last two trips have been memorable.  This one was well pretty fantastic.  just riding groomers from 9-12am, fast laps, leg burns, carves and ollies.  Perfect! The early bird is the only one catching the worm.  Otherwise you catch the bus then the worm. Early enough theRead more

Snow in Portland

This week, we had news that there would be “1 to 2 inches of snow” on Tuesday evening, so we all headed off from work early to avoid any trouble, and so sure enough the snow started falling around 6pm and after making food, putting Lenny to bed, only 4 hours later, the terrace lookedRead more

Christmas in California

Spending Christmas, in the sun for someone from the UK which does a fine line of murky cold weather through the winter, escaping for some sun is quite surreal.  Once you realize that its not the traditional christmas though, its amazing as you realize you will be getting some sun, a break from the rainRead more


Yes Ventura does some amazing sunsets…. We took this using Mareikes new camera a Panasonic Lumix.  Great camera. This too.  Pretty synonymous with Ventura this sky and these trees. Having visited Ventura before, i was looking forward to this part of the trip a lot.  Ventura has a few elements where you would think youRead more

The Journey is the Destination

Since its the Christmas break we decided to head south again to try and find some sun and waves.  Being a good 15 hour drive south you can either just straight up turn from our house onto the I5 and drive the 1200 miles or so, or take a scenic route. We decided to tryRead more

Our House, in the Middle of our Street, PC 2016 edition

Thats a good looking crew right there.  Men, women, children, dogs, beanies, some shoes and no plaid some how.  This was the crew we celebrated Colleens birthday with, at her 4th, 29th birthday.  Minus Maggie and Sade. Great looking guy. And maggie of course. We were lucky enough to be blessed with rainbows, double rainbowsRead more

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