The north end of canon beach is one of the best kept secrets in plain sight.  Down the beach a mile you have hundreds of people like ants on the beach, yet up the way, you can find a perfect spot, secluded with some great surf. Lenny approved of course! and was practicing his standing/jumping/climbing,Read more

Best Oregon Surfing Ever

I know.  I only seem to post about the coast these days, but honestly, its so damn beautiful, it makes it very hard not too.  This photo above, last sunday night was pretty fun.  Sani paddled in, and I decided on trying to surf the newly crowned Europeak, and quickly realized its pretty much justRead more

Beach Camping

I love going to new beaches.  I think anywhere on earth, each and every beach has something different.  Living in Oregon, we are lucky enough to have some of the most stunning coastline ever. I’ve wanted to camp on the beach for a few years and so this picture above, taken by the one andRead more

Rockaway Beach

This is probably one of my favorite views in Oregon, high above Manzanita.  Last weekend, we managed to sneak away for a weekend in Rockaway Beach With it being Summer that means its intern season, and this year we had the one and only Ellery Hollingsworth come back to Nike, after being an athlete withRead more

Traveling with a Toddler

Step 1, ensure to exercise probably before take off. Step 2, ensure to remember “we’re in this together” even when your rental car doesn’t work out, or you are tired. Step 3, just when he looks a bit tired, strap him to you with the ergo baby, put on bob marley and hope you getRead more

Benham Falls

After Saturdays epic road trip we decided to go a little closer to home in Bend where we stayed and check out the Deschuttes up at Bedlam Falls just outside of Bend. Bend is one of the nicest places ever.   Its like California living, in a mountain, where everyone seems to spend their daysRead more

Painted Hills

Since we moved here, we have driven, flown, rode bikes, hiked, swam, walked around Oregon and seen some unbelievable sights.  The drive out to the Painted Hills, is a beautiful one, as you go over Hood, out to Madras and then off to Mitchell as you head to the John Day Fossil area, in whichRead more

Indian Beach

Last week we decided to head to the beach for a pretty poignant day in the calendar for a little after work mission.  Indian Beach is such a good spot as numbers are limited due to the parking, the waves are pretty fun, and you can park close the beach too.  Its been closed allRead more

Hood River on a Go Pro 4

This past weekend we revisited another hike we found earlier this year at Mosier.  I thought I’d text out the latest Go Pro and shoot photos on that. Its pretty amazing to see the quality they have brought to the camera, and also considering its built ideally for filming, it shoots amazing photos. TweetRead more

Road Trip Home

They often say that the best part of a holiday is the journey.  In our case, it most definitely was, even if it was quite a long one. We started the journey home with some car trouble, yes, I know, your thinking “you bought a land rover” ha ha, but it was something I managedRead more

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