This week I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in a quick trip over to Germany and Austria, back to an old stomping ground in Mayrhofen. Mayrhofen, well Austrian villages in general are some of the most beautiful places ever. On the way over Delta managed to get their inflight entertainment stuck andRead more

Ze news from ze frenchies in ze backcountry non?

So over here its been some more busy days going down.  Austria was invaded by ze frenchspeakingpeople and now they are trying to get amoungst it in the powder.  Above a german tourist gets some.  Well its the half german american hybrid Ethan, but you get the picture. These two are digging like road workersRead more


This last few days, the man behind Jacksons Hole, the blokes behind Tales from the T Bar, The legends of Austria Beckna and Eli, and a dutchie.  Always a dutchie here in Austrias secret spots.  Thats the jackson project above. There she is Charlotte Van Gils, 3 days into powder.  Thats what happens if yourRead more

Jackson’s Hole

For the last few years I have had the pleasure of hosting events, webcasts, rail events, big airs, drinking festivals alongside the man the myth the legend, Mr Henry Jackson, All round funny guy, and generally good bloke.  Also in possesion of a beastly method. Definitely will be one of the “Gentleman of the Goodlife”Read more

Powder Day

So being nearly Christmas for most people winter is just starting, but for me, it is pretty much been going down since mid september or so, with contests, pre season, shoots etc, and whilst its been super fun going round the world a few times already seemingly, we havent actually seen much snow yet, mostlyRead more

Red Bull Plane at Pleasurejam

During the Pleasurejam this weekend, there was a plane flying over head during the finals, and on closer inspection it turned out to be what I thought was “the” Red Bull Plane.  No, its “one of the” Red Bull Planes. After grabbing the footage from Mark Ruparelia the man with the camera, I sent theRead more

Everything and Nothing

So today we are getting packed up and leaving Hintertux, well Mayrhofen, but yes, we have been here for the last month with the whole team, I will post a few more pictures, but in the meantime here is the last few days here… This was the weather on Monday.  Cloudy everywhere in Italy andRead more

Lobster – Before, During and After

So this week Halldor got back from the Big Bang in the UK.  So with Sun forecast, we headed straight up to Tux again to get on it again.  All looks good.  Semels and smiles on the way up, well kind of smiling….. Then this went down. That slam, which was supposed to be aRead more

Hinterux – The Good, The Great, The Beautiful

After last weeks post about all things snowboarding in Hintertux, I thought it about time to redress the balance.  We have had a couple of good weather days, with the park in good condition. Well done to the shapers up there who have been getting after it, making sure the jumps have been working fine.Read more

Hintertux – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So after 4 days of bad weather and one day of good weather for the park to be reshaped we all headed up the hill with baited breath, several of the worlds best riders, Frode Sandbech from Transworld, and the legend David Doom ready to film… and to start off the blog, lets go forRead more

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