The Stag

Since I live a distance away from the boys I was planning to have the Stag Do with, or Bachelor party for Americans, we had to pick somewhere for a few days.  There was a lot of debate and finally Portugal was the chosen zone. Of course as soon as we got there, Tom WestRead more

Fantasy Football 2012

So thankfully the football season is back upon us this weekend, and so its time to get picking your fantasy league team. To Join, you go to and then when your in there, go on join a private league and the code you need is 638849-162616 Make sure to join by friday as once you lost groundRead more

Ze news from ze frenchies in ze backcountry non?

So over here its been some more busy days going down.  Austria was invaded by ze frenchspeakingpeople and now they are trying to get amoungst it in the powder.  Above a german tourist gets some.  Well its the half german american hybrid Ethan, but you get the picture. These two are digging like road workersRead more

Jackson’s Hole

For the last few years I have had the pleasure of hosting events, webcasts, rail events, big airs, drinking festivals alongside the man the myth the legend, Mr Henry Jackson, All round funny guy, and generally good bloke.  Also in possesion of a beastly method. Definitely will be one of the “Gentleman of the Goodlife”Read more


So the world and his wife have made their way up to Hintertux it seems now.  Makes for some good times, some good snowboarding, and a lot of football in the evenings.  We have our whole team here, just waiting on Halldor to drop in and then I will have the full deck of cards,Read more

TV Campaigns

So with the start of the football season, I have managed to spend a few more evenings in front of the TV, and noticed these adverts which are all over British TV. So the first one, is for the Toyota Yaris, I had seen another of these which has some white rapper on it, butRead more

San Sebastian

For a little bit of Friday evening entertainment we decided on heading to Spain for some Tapas and drinks.  That is the beauty of Europe that you can just jump in your car and drive half an hour and you can be in a completely different country.  Love it. For some insight into San Sebastian,Read more

Britain – Sights and Sounds

On my travels round the world, people get quite fascinated by the British Accents.  Mine has died down from its South East roots, as a result from people not understanding it when i drop Ts from words etc.  My Dad has a welsh twang to his, and my mum when she gets a bit excitedRead more

The US Debt Crisis

Its quite interesting that I tweeted this weekend about two things. And I got 4 retweets about the Travis Rice movie (fair play, its amazing) and the one about the US debt crisis got…… a big zero.  So obviously people are more interested in hollywood style snowboard films, and not whats happening in the economy.Read more


So this week, we have had some serious entertainment from a couple of Youtube clips.  Basically about fashion, which we get to down this post, but make sure to read on…  So lets start in the 1970s with some fashion.  Nike big in the game in skate back then too it seems…Farrah Fawcett living realRead more

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