USA Football

Fairplay NBC this is a pretty epic way to promote their coverage of the premier league. Meet Ted. [youtube][/youtube] They also dropped this one too…. [youtube][/youtube] Great to see they get the beautiful game. TweetRead more

Swansea City : The Fall and Rise

Alrighty then, so it has been a while since posting.  Moving house will do that to you.  Anyways, the BBC just came up with this documentary on the Swans, which will show you exactly why the club means that much to me and all the supporters….  Its 40 minutes, and if you were at theRead more

Tiki Taka

So some people probably wonder what the Barcelona way is all about, and now the Swansea way.  Well this illustrates it well. [youtube][/youtube] Interesting TweetRead more

The Evolution of the Premier League

Well yes.  Its been called that before and it will be called that again at some point, but really this weekend, it did once again fulfill this tagline. I know I used this shot already, but seriously this is one of the greatest shots I have seen in football.  Just the emotion on the fansRead more

Dallas Cowboys!

Thats right!  After all the football chat for the last few years it was about time for me to meet the adversary to my beloved football in American Football, or NFL as the league is called. Now I have seen NFL on TV before, but again the same with bastketball sometimes until you see a matchRead more

Fantasy Football 2012

So thankfully the football season is back upon us this weekend, and so its time to get picking your fantasy league team. To Join, you go to and then when your in there, go on join a private league and the code you need is 638849-162616 Make sure to join by friday as once you lost groundRead more

The Barcelona(Swansea) Way

So being Monday Morning, after an amazing weekend of sport with the Tour De France, and Bradley Wiggins triumph followed by the Open Golf, where Ernie Els came back to win with Aussie Adam Scott throwing it away, it reminded us, why we all love sport. So with there being a break in football forRead more

The Atlantic Cup

This week saw the Atlantic Cup go down in Anglet, France, with teams from across the world.  We made up a Great Britain team, with some legends on the pitch for us including James Stentiford, Marcus Chapman, Adam Gendle and the Greg the rock Martin at the back alongside me.  With Ed and Alex LeighRead more

Fan Academy

Carlsberg have just released this advert in the run up to Euro 2012.  Nice one right here, featuring the legend that is Des Lynam.  Shame its England and not Wales, but 2 years and the Welsh will be in Brazil for the world cup.  Lets hope anyways. [youtube][/youtube] TweetRead more

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