I suppose I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, and now being a parent to 2 kids, I could say that I maybe have a little introduction into this field, but fully realize that me and my wonderful wife are at the beginning of the journey of being a parent.  Not sure ifRead more

Cheers to you France.

The crew of crews.  Ilmo, Spencer, Mareike, Sani, Me, Koen, Sarah, Lucy, Stype with Mr Weaver taking the photo.  Olive and Lenny were deep in slumber by this point.  After two trips back to France from the states, and then 3 summers down here, the SW of France has quickly become one of my favoriteRead more


Ah Cote Des Basques.  This was probably one of the first places I ever thought “i had surfing”.  I remembered being dragged about in all kinds of current, but that it was fun and I actually managed to catch a couple waves.  For the end of our trip we headed down here for a fewRead more

Surf Boards

I think this kind of photo will always be special to me, as sunset with some waves and some friends is one of the greatest things ever.  I just wanted to write this blog, more to myself really to remind me of which boards I surfed this trip.  When I started surfing I was alwaysRead more

San Seb

This is a perfect example of how a day in San Sebastian goes.  Some wine and Tapas in a backstreet in the old town. I can eat this all day long. This is also what I love about Europe.  No need to have a fancy seat, just a beer and sit on the street withRead more

France 2016

Nothing sums up France better than sun, a cheeky weak beer on the beach and a naked fella getting a stroll in.  Sani just soaking it up. An evening on the grill and the terrace after a beach day pretty much sums up France pretty well too.  Stype, Sarah, Lucy, Koen, Spencer, Mareike, me, SaniRead more

Traveling with a Toddler

Step 1, ensure to exercise probably before take off. Step 2, ensure to remember “we’re in this together” even when your rental car doesn’t work out, or you are tired. Step 3, just when he looks a bit tired, strap him to you with the ergo baby, put on bob marley and hope you getRead more

San Sebastian

  As with any trip to Hossegor it wouldn’t be complete without a day or night down in San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.   You have an amazing old town mixed with 3 beaches, lots of places to surf, and of course, old people hanging out enjoying the days goingRead more

Seignosse 2015

  This Summer we ended up booking a trip to Europe for the infamous Atlantic Cup, a great tournament of great snowboarders who also are average football players, but it was cancelled this summer, so we were left to enjoy the South West of France, for all its wonder.  Above, Stype, Max and Vicky enjoyingRead more

Gerome Matthieu

He is one of the best dudes around, this is his season edit, and as you can see, he gets his fair share of pow. Good work soldier! [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

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