Vive La France

You probably know about Hossegor and its surfing, and maybe even the surfers here, but someone you should know about is the legend filming it, Jimmy Graham, Aussie an alround good bloke, if not a little creepy to the ladies at times. Watch this from a busy summer in France for him and the boys.Read more

Chez Minus

So a good friend of mine has a website called Lost in the Larder, Nick Baines, who I used to live with in a tiny cramped appartment, and he always had a penchant for food.  Be it a fry up in the morning, a late night kebab from the nightclub in Mayrhofen (yes in AustriaRead more

Hossegor – La Graviere

Angry Swell right there. So this morning I took a coffee out to check the surf and the camera and ended up down in Hossegor and watched it go off.  There was a serious crew of paparazzi down there watching it all go off. I managed to get this shot of Willy Aliotti, getting itRead more


That right there is the outside of the Guggenheim Museum down in Bilbao.  Had to go down to Spain one afternoon, so wandered around and found this place, unfortunately though, it was shut on our day of visit.  Nice to see in the middle of tourist times that they shut. The Guggenheim has this bigRead more

Chez Minus

Out and About in France, there are a few great places to go for food, especially for seafood.  One of the best is Chez Minus in Capbreton. Everything is cooked on the Plancha.  The Mussels are cooked in an amazing Spice, which looks to be salt, pepper, chilli, pepper, oil and some secret stuff too,Read more

French Parking

Much is made of the French and their abuse of cars.  Bumping into each other, opening doors onto others, just general abuse, thats why everyone seems to drive heaps round here, as anything better gets trashed pretty quickly.  This was probably the best parking I ever saw this week in Anglet.  Not sure who wasRead more

Childs Play

Just been doing some camera work with these few little childrens toys.  This is Fang from Littlest pet shop.  Too old to know what it is? Check it here  I’m not sure what a dark haired Barbie is called, but here she is getting some sun with the doggy waiting for dinnertime.Jaws has been circlingRead more

Splash down

    It seems that I managed to get a dodgy ear from the sea, so hold a day with the camera cruising around.  This is one of those things that as a kid, you would love to stand and watch.  I could well imagine being 7 years old and wanting to watch this thingRead more


  I had to go and pick up a wetsuit for a friend in San Sebastian down in Spain this week from Patagonia.  I know Patagoina, from the mountaineering stuff, and seeing a lot of people doing the kletterstieg in mayrhofen.  It gives you the impression its a) quality and b) expensive.  So hitting theirRead more

De Maria Cup

France is famous for many things.  Cheese, Wine, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Shops called 8 till 8 (which dont actually open till 9 and close at lunch), great food, and some beautiful beaches and mountains.  France is also famous for Mr Florent De Maria, one of the OGs of French Football alongside Eric Cantona, Arsene Wenger andRead more

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