I suppose I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, and now being a parent to 2 kids, I could say that I maybe have a little introduction into this field, but fully realize that me and my wonderful wife are at the beginning of the journey of being a parent.  Not sure ifRead more

Parenting Role models

Writing the blog above did make me think about how lucky we are to have so many good role models and so thought I should add a role call.  Sometimes we think about role models at work or proffesionally, but doing this made me think how many damn good parents we know… So in noRead more

Coffee Withdrawal?

About a month ago after coming home with yet another headache and seriously questioning my own mental state I finally succumbed to the ask from the good lady to go to the doctor.  These headaches have been going on a while now, mostly on a Monday and Tuesday sometimes later in the week, but usuallyRead more

Nusa Lembongan

Towards the end of our trip we were lucky enough to be given a beautiful gift by Melissa, Dragana and Gloria who lives in Bali, a couple of nights staying down on Lembongan.  I have never been here before so was super curious to check it out, and it was a glorious place to visit.Read more

The Stag

Since I live a distance away from the boys I was planning to have the Stag Do with, or Bachelor party for Americans, we had to pick somewhere for a few days.  There was a lot of debate and finally Portugal was the chosen zone. Of course as soon as we got there, Tom WestRead more


This weekend, after Switzerland, I took the wonderful train from Zurich through to Munich.  4 hours, about 50 quid in english money, and real comfort. People wonder why trains dont work in the UK or US, but once you travel on the train in Europe, you see how it should be done.  Anyways, we rentedRead more

Lazy Days

Thanksgiving being the warm up for Christmas, means that besides eating, drinking and sleeping there is also room for some nice walks. The colours are still popping left and right. Its not me and the mrs with a little one its the Anglo American dream team. Father of the year just getting that weekend cruiseRead more

Thanksgiving USA

As I have mentioned before, Autumn in Austria was a season which kind of didn’t really hold much weight in my eyes, since the summers ran late, and then before you know it, there is snow on the ground and hey ho its winter.  Yet in the pacific northwest of America, it’s a whole timeRead more

Bobby K

Me and this guy Mr Robert C. Keller took to the streets of Huntington, to check out the US Open.  We stopped along the way to check in for a dip in the pool. Bobby K meet Bobby Meeks. This is the chaos down on mainstreet.Bobby seems interested in ladies 24/7 And Ladies are allRead more

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