Coffee Withdrawal?

About a month ago after coming home with yet another headache and seriously questioning my own mental state I finally succumbed to the ask from the good lady to go to the doctor.  These headaches have been going on a while now, mostly on a Monday and Tuesday sometimes later in the week, but usuallyRead more

A Letter to my 14 Year old Self.

I’ve never written a blog post like this, but since me and the good lady wife now have a son, I thought maybe a few life thoughts whilst I’m somewhat still young, well, middle aged if you ask my body, as to what I would say if a 14 year old asked me for adviceRead more


Our road trip has taken us further south to Encinitas, a lovely part of California, which does Surf, food, sunshine, and good times by the bucket load. We ended up bringing the camp vibes down south and Lenny got himself in the swing of things. The weather definitely isn’t as warm as mid summer, butRead more

The Dirksen Derby – Mt Bachelor

  After a few delays by some technical problems I managed to get this back and running and what better way than the first day of the season up in Mt Bachelor, Oregon.  It was for one of the most legendary events in Snowboarding, which I have heard a lot about but due to theRead more

Beach Weekend

  Last weekend, was the birthday of Eric Wallis, so we all went to the beach for the weekend.  We stayed down in manzanita, and surfed in short sands for two great days.  Pretty much blows me away every time I go down there. Along with my picnic partner we have been stepping up ourRead more

Frode Sandbech

The one and Only. I’m very lucky that besides talented snowboarders I get to work with some of the best photographers in the game including one of the very best.  Coming from Norway, land of talented athletes and good looking people, Frode ticks both boxes, and is an insanely talented guy behind a camera.  HeRead more

Chez Minus

So a good friend of mine has a website called Lost in the Larder, Nick Baines, who I used to live with in a tiny cramped appartment, and he always had a penchant for food.  Be it a fry up in the morning, a late night kebab from the nightclub in Mayrhofen (yes in AustriaRead more

The Royal Bredding

This Weekend up in Tallin, Estonia Oliver Plumley got married to his beautiful bride Ursula Värv.  If you’ve not been to Estonia before, its a beautiful place, and so a great place for a wedding.  I thought I should take a good few pictures, since when Ryan Evans got married people liked that, so hereRead more

Stale Sandbech

Stale has been getting at it again, check out this video, banging stuff. Nice one soldier. TweetRead more

The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.3 – Sir Jan Schröder

I know. The Gentlemens club doors have been somewhat closed recently because of the ridiculous scheduling of the winter seasons events, so my time to get these done has been lacking.  So for the next bloke, we chose another from the behind the scenes, who is making it happen for riders across the world, soRead more