For this years thanksgiving, i was lucky enough to go and stay with the legends that be Plumley and Plumley, and their new addition Oscar.  I have been to tahoe a couple of times before, but not had much time to explore before so getting a locals tour was epic. This was down atRead more


This weekend, we packed up and headed for the beach.  Its funny being in Portland as you think of the beach at times as a whole world away, and in many ways it is, far from city life, but at only an hour and a half its such a good getaway for a couple ofRead more


The New Nike Driver. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bulLh_-Fal8&list=PL82EB32A8DE8F2E55[/youtube] TweetRead more

Rory is on Nike

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NCDYjHtEcU[/youtube] Looks like Nike have been making some power moves getting Rory onto the team. Thought I should find one of the original Tiger commercials…. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAnlcW_ILyw[/youtube] Also staying with Golf I managed to find this one of Tiger which they put out after his indiscretions.  Pretty amazing piece to show that they still supported himRead more

Sunday Running

There is something pretty nice about a fresh Autumn morning getting all layered up, and heading out for a run.  In the new overpriced and undersized place where I live, one of the good things is that there is access to Mackay Park which leads to Audubon Soceity of Portland which on the way outRead more

Ryder Cup

Go Europe! I guess Paddy Power have the best Commercial around right now for the Ryder Cup.  Help a yank to shank! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlWkn43UoGQ[/youtube] TweetRead more

Snowpark Technologies Golf Tournament

Every Summer, the guys at SPT get together in Tahoe along with many of the Snowboard industries leading lights including riders, brands, agents, magazines, and everyone in between.  This year there was an added element as the event was treated as a fundraiser for the fund Dramatic Brain Injury which Kevin Pearce hosted a talkRead more

The New Tiger Woods?

So the new Tiger Woods has been practising away over the last 10 days, and so I actually made this video of him…. This is him after only playing 3 times, and once at the driving range. Here he is, hard at it down at Leeds Castle.  Alright so the next bit is for you.Read more


Over the past couple of years I have started swinging the old metal a bit, and seem to actually be quite liking it.  Its a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon, and courses seem to be built in some pretty epic locations.Its a weird sport, because no matter how much it is a physicalRead more


This week saw the first golf game of the Autumn in germanic lands for us, with Tom West, me and Bill Morgan, aka Ethans dad aka Chuck Norris as the budding Tiger Woods. It must be said Tom is holding a fine deck of cards when it comes to golf, this guy will be readyRead more