Last week, we were very lucky to visit one of the worlds most beautiful places and also most on trend these days. The country of Lava rocks, regular rocks, lakes, volcanos and in summer never ending day light. There are also geysers, which are still working over 100c. Sometimes they change by the day asRead more

Iceland Dernier Fois

So I just have a couple more pictures from the trip to iceland now.  Honestly cant say I have been to many more easy to live, friendly places than Iceland.  Everyone has a funny english accent too, kinda like scouser or geordie but with a twang. Cyril getting all arsty. Taking a picture of JamieRead more


Seriously Iceland must be one of the nicest countries in the world.  The people are amazingly friendly, they have beautiful people, they take credit card everywhere, have amazing hot dogs, and it is so beautiful.  This is just near where we stayed on this trip in Rekyjavik.  As we were shooting something, there was perfectRead more


Just a few photos here from this beautiful place. Its 9.30am and still pitch black outside. This was with the sun coming up about 11am.  Beautiful, right down on the sea. This was sunset at about 3pm. TweetRead more