So by now, I know you will have seen the webcast, watched the video i made, read Jamies Blog, and heard just about every piece of news out of Japan, so I just thought I would upload a few more pictures, which you maybe havent seen yet.  This was the area of Shibuya where weRead more

Tokyo Time

Tokyo is a busy old place, no two ways about it.  Therefore, I thought the easiest way to see it, is way faster than normal, so you can squeeze more in.  Makes sense right? TweetRead more


So Tokyo is going down this week.  Just a few quick pictures from one of the most colurful, interesting, nicest places I ever saw.  The contest is going down today, so that will be a banger. This is the shopping district.  Amazing place.  All kinds of flagships stores, fashion, and interesting looking people. There hasRead more