With Superpark beng somewhat of a wash out last week, I ended up spending some the across town in the Nike skatepark.  Luckily enough my skating wasn’t on show, and i had some decent people to shoot instead.  This guy Max Buri crushes snowboarding and luckily enough a skateboard too, as above.  I would beRead more

Never Not Part 1 Trailer

So we have been working hard for the last year on the Never Not movie project and the trailer for Part 1 is here from the mastermind Joe Carlino! [youtube][/youtube] TweetRead more

Laura Hadar

[youtube][/youtube] Just saw this smooth video from Laura Hadar, talking about snowboarding, work, nevernot and a load more in between. Thanks Jon TweetRead more


This year has been a pretty busy year, but one of the most inspiring I’ve had over the last 10 years or so.  We have been working with a pretty amazing crew in-house, on production and the riders.  This is the first of many pieces which will come out in the run up to theRead more

Superpark 2013

  Last month we all made the journey over to Bend, one of the nicest drives possible as you head out there in the sun.  Oregon had been blessed with some of the nicest weather of the year, day in day out, sun, so we set to it over there, with a solid crew inRead more

Koston 2 The Legend Grows

Damn good work from all the guys at Nike Skateboarding right here for Kostons new shoe.  Even Tiger Woods and Danny Kass make an appearance…Oh and Neymar, not a bad turn out. [youtube][/youtube] I’m sure you all have seen this one, but yeah, this was one of the Paul Rodriguez commercials, today was a goodRead more

Grand Prix

One of the chinese rippers going for it in the Pipe. So I thought it about time to write a few words about the Copper Mountain Grand Prix last week in colorado.  Being one of the first events which counted towards getting into the Olympics, there was a lot of riders who normally wouldn’t ventureRead more

Gerome Matthieu

He is one of the best dudes around, this is his season edit, and as you can see, he gets his fair share of pow. Good work soldier! [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Portland Timbers

Now, anyone who knows me or this blog, knows about my love of Football and the mighty Swansea City.  So with my shift in where i am living, i decided one of the first things to do, was go and see the local team, since i always say wherever you are, support your local team,Read more

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