World Snowboard Champs Numero 3

Yesterday we had slope semis, and most of my blokes nearly put me out of business, but luckily Spencer is holding it down for us, and she is our saving grace.  She is tough as nails.  Couldnt walk the day before semis, and then came in to run her heat.  This tells all. [vimeo][/vimeo] WhatRead more

World Snowboard Champs 2.0

So its been looooong days here, on the hil at 9 down at 9 but its good, there has been some amazing snowboarding going down, so its all worthwhile. This is probably the best shot from last night, with Jack Mitrani throwing it up there.  Alley Oop. This is how stoked you are getting theRead more

Oslo Autumn

I am always amazed at how a city and its surroundings can look so beautiful in any season.  Oslo seems to tick the box each time, especially in Autumn with the leaves changing colour. This is the view from just above Holmkollen station where the Ski Jump is.  Serious business going down there in winter.Read more

Vapen Sessions Part 1

So the spring shoot this year went down in Stranda, Norway, this is how it came out, first in a 3 part little series from the trip up there.  Loooong days, but good times. Nike Vapen Session Episode 1 from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo. TweetRead more


We just got back from a busy busy week in Norway.  Lots of good stuff going down all round, with some beautiful fjords, mountains, sunsets and good people.   There was some bad weather thrown in for good measure too, so the crew had luckily Jamie Nicholls on hand making cups of Yorkshire Tea.  Halldor,Read more


Very limited internet here, so just two pictures, and more to come next week….   TweetRead more

Alesund Again

We just got back into Alesund again, one of the most beautiful places in Norway. This is from the hotel, beautiful spot. This shows you the airport as you approach, pretty amazing! And you can see our hotel from here….  Looks Great TweetRead more

Alesund, Norway

If you havent been to Norway before you definitely should make the time to visit.  Its such a beautiful country, with friendly people, good folk, good accomodation and a great place for snowboarding too.Heres a few pictures from along the way today. This was at the top of 412 steps.  Such a nice sight fromRead more