Crossfit Woodslawn

Now before you see CrossFit and look away, I’m here to break a few misconceptions.  I’ve been a member here since January this year.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a resolutions kind of gym goer it seems.  Between becoming a parent for the second time, hitting 40 and trying to keep my body in one pieceRead more

The Toffee Club

A while back I saw something pop up online about a new football bar in bar called “The Toffee Club”, upon further inspection, turns out it is an Everton fan bar, but with fans of all teams welcome, hence the name Toffee Club. So last week after the Coffee Cupping, we saw the bar acrossRead more

Coffee Cupping at Heart

Having been a fan of Heart Roasters since we arrived here in Portland, I’ve always been trying to improve my poor coffee game.   As well as being a fan of coffee, I’m also a fan on its owner, Wille, who was one of my snowboarding heroes back in the day.  I used to watchRead more

The Dirksen Derby – Mt Bachelor

  After a few delays by some technical problems I managed to get this back and running and what better way than the first day of the season up in Mt Bachelor, Oregon.  It was for one of the most legendary events in Snowboarding, which I have heard a lot about but due to theRead more


This weekend we headed up for Halloween to Vancouver a place we have always wanted to visit, but for some reason until the wife came home, we never got round to visiting. Of course when in Vancouver there is always one person you have to see, the amazing Spencer O’Brien. Vancouver is a beautiful cityRead more

Run Portland

So yesterday after a busy day of running errands i decided on trying to go for the longest run I have ever done.  Now I am by no means a fast runner, if anything its just something I do to clear my mind.  I love it though after I get going, just sometimes the gettingRead more

Camping x Beach x Surf

    Yes, before you ask, this is another post about the coast in Oregon.  Its the second week in October, and this weekend was insane.  Mid 80s just inland, so probably around mid 70s on the beach it was unreal how nice it was.  I walked into short sands on a new route thisRead more

Beach Boys

I know.  Another post about the coast here in Oregon.  But honestly with sunsets like this what else can you expect?  It was mid 80s on the beach this weekend and some serious swell pushing through too. When you drive to the coast this is the view on the way.  Pretty amazing, I think thisRead more

Beach Weekend

  Last weekend, was the birthday of Eric Wallis, so we all went to the beach for the weekend.  We stayed down in manzanita, and surfed in short sands for two great days.  Pretty much blows me away every time I go down there. Along with my picnic partner we have been stepping up ourRead more

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