It Always Rains in Oregon

  This Summer has been pretty amazing in Portland.  Honestly its amazing that people moan about the weather.  Above a bunch of kids get amoungst it. After getting a couple of bikes me and Mareike have been busy exploring the city cruising on the tarmac. We had some visitors recently…. two of the most amazingRead more

Pacific City, Oregon

This weekend, we decided to take the drive down to Pacific City down on the Coast here in Oregon, for a spot of cold water surfing.  The weather was sunny, the water was freezing, there were dogs and cars everywhere.  I’ll endeavor to do a better job of explaining below. The drive out in theRead more

Highway 30 – Oregon

A couple of weeks ago we took a drive out to Sandy river and then along route 30, in what I have now come to know as one of the most beautiful pieces of road anywhere.  Firstly the road starts out going over Sandy, which already is amazing and only half an hour from Portland,Read more


This weekend, we packed up and headed for the beach.  Its funny being in Portland as you think of the beach at times as a whole world away, and in many ways it is, far from city life, but at only an hour and a half its such a good getaway for a couple ofRead more

Superpark 2013

  Last month we all made the journey over to Bend, one of the nicest drives possible as you head out there in the sun.  Oregon had been blessed with some of the nicest weather of the year, day in day out, sun, so we set to it over there, with a solid crew inRead more

Spring in Portland

Its funny as people always claim how bad the weather is here in Portland, but I suppose coming from the UK, a pretty volatile country in terms of weather, anything better than grey skies is a bonus.  Yes it rains here a bunch in winter, but well, the trees and grass and flowers need it,Read more

Koston 2 The Legend Grows

Damn good work from all the guys at Nike Skateboarding right here for Kostons new shoe.  Even Tiger Woods and Danny Kass make an appearance…Oh and Neymar, not a bad turn out. [youtube][/youtube] I’m sure you all have seen this one, but yeah, this was one of the Paul Rodriguez commercials, today was a goodRead more

Sunday Running

There is something pretty nice about a fresh Autumn morning getting all layered up, and heading out for a run.  In the new overpriced and undersized place where I live, one of the good things is that there is access to Mackay Park which leads to Audubon Soceity of Portland which on the way outRead more

Lazy Days

Thanksgiving being the warm up for Christmas, means that besides eating, drinking and sleeping there is also room for some nice walks. The colours are still popping left and right. Its not me and the mrs with a little one its the Anglo American dream team. Father of the year just getting that weekend cruiseRead more

Thanksgiving USA

As I have mentioned before, Autumn in Austria was a season which kind of didn’t really hold much weight in my eyes, since the summers ran late, and then before you know it, there is snow on the ground and hey ho its winter.  Yet in the pacific northwest of America, it’s a whole timeRead more

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