Dew Tour 2012

So despite the fact that nowadays people only seem to look at pictures on instagram, i thought I would keep flying the flag for blogs around the world with a  few pictures from the annual American Contest season kick off.  Above the man Lago sending it deep for the crowd in Breckenridge.  The Pipe wasRead more

The Evolution of the Premier League

Well yes.  Its been called that before and it will be called that again at some point, but really this weekend, it did once again fulfill this tagline. I know I used this shot already, but seriously this is one of the greatest shots I have seen in football.  Just the emotion on the fansRead more

World Snowboard Champs 2012

Thats what this whole thing was about right?  A World Champion for the independent tour. You may have seen the stickers on the left before, but these on the right are pretty good.  Basically riders are asking the worlds most famous riders to stand up and say that he disproves of what FIS are doing.Read more

Killing Me Softly

So just off the back of another contest in London, this time from the great unloved folks at FIS, it struck me, and well a few other people, that contests are back again, and well, its going to be a long winter. So whats the reason for it seeming like such a long season?  WellRead more

Hintertux – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So after 4 days of bad weather and one day of good weather for the park to be reshaped we all headed up the hill with baited breath, several of the worlds best riders, Frode Sandbech from Transworld, and the legend David Doom ready to film… and to start off the blog, lets go forRead more


So the world and his wife have made their way up to Hintertux it seems now.  Makes for some good times, some good snowboarding, and a lot of football in the evenings.  We have our whole team here, just waiting on Halldor to drop in and then I will have the full deck of cards,Read more

Britain – Sights and Sounds

On my travels round the world, people get quite fascinated by the British Accents.  Mine has died down from its South East roots, as a result from people not understanding it when i drop Ts from words etc.  My Dad has a welsh twang to his, and my mum when she gets a bit excitedRead more

See what I mean

So not saying I saw this coming, but anyone see the Dow close down 5% today? If you read my post last week, you will see why I thought there might be trouble ahead.  Interesting times in the states, and so I just thought again the Economist summed it up well. TweetRead more

The US Debt Crisis

Its quite interesting that I tweeted this weekend about two things. And I got 4 retweets about the Travis Rice movie (fair play, its amazing) and the one about the US debt crisis got…… a big zero.  So obviously people are more interested in hollywood style snowboard films, and not whats happening in the economy.Read more


British people, by rights like to complain about weather.  “oh its too hot for me” closely followed by “oh its too cold, its raining” and of course the inability of us Brits to operate in the snow.  If you have ever watched the news when its snowing, you know what I mean.  In the UK,Read more

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