Mark and Daves – Nicaragua

Blokes in christmas hats, thats christmas alright.  I was lucky enough to spend this Christmas in sunnier climes than normal, when I am usually making the pilgrimage home to the UK and watching some good football, but this year I chose a different route and headed down to Nicaragua .  I was given a tipRead more

Nicaragua – Mark and Daves

This was my few today whilst watching the swans game, looking out to sea.  Not too shabby at all. There was definitely some better waves today, with some bigger sets and of course off shore wind, which is seems to be here every day. Whilst reading my book we saw Dolphins jumping out to sea,Read more


Somehow, through what has been a busy summer it seems that I managed to overlook blogging about the summer holiday to Hawaii.  Well June holiday, but that classes as it fine by me. Having never been to Hawaii I was keen on seeing all about this place, so we headed up to Oahu, to theRead more


Yes thats a cheesy photo to start a blog post with, but well its pretty nice, so why not. This week I was lucky enough to visit California for a meeting, and flew through Long Beach.  Funny that the air traffic control and terminal look more like a boat than an airport. As always theRead more

Oregon Coast

This Sunday with the weather being top notch I took a drive out to the Coast to get after some surfing.  Considering we are in mid october, things arent looking half bad. Managed to surf out there too, and wasnt half as cold as i thought. Black and white and moody. I hope this guy seesRead more

Surfer Girl

Now I haven’t posted about Surfing in a while, so this was the first video I found.  Enjoy. [youtube][/youtube] Keeps Summer worth looking forward to right? TweetRead more

Hossegor – La Graviere

Angry Swell right there. So this morning I took a coffee out to check the surf and the camera and ended up down in Hossegor and watched it go off.  There was a serious crew of paparazzi down there watching it all go off. I managed to get this shot of Willy Aliotti, getting itRead more

US Open 2012

So the US Open has been going down this week, and luckily I managed a trip there to catch up with the good folks of America, and catch some of the Californian Goodlife.  Above Dane Reynolds who doesnt seem to care there is a contest going on, just sending it skywards… I have written aRead more

Down Days

The Last couple of days here have been pretty awful weather.  Infact its been straight up junk.  So we have used the time for some serious cross sport activity.  Mr Kevin Bäckström getting it done on the tennis court. and also on the surf.  Getting ready for next summers US open. Gerome Mathieu is aRead more

Method Interview

The Guys at Method just ran an interview with me on there website.  They also made this pretty super fly looking profile shot of me, which might well have to be the new shot I’m running with.  Check out the interview right here and thanks again to Method for it.  I will post it upRead more

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