Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower. There have been a lot of great travels in the last few years, but this, going back to a place where I spent so many good years as a child. Thats right, good old Wales. I know when I was young my Grandfather would always take us to town thisRead more

Aston Villa vs Swansea City

  So the football season has been underway for a few weeks now, and between the European games this week and the beloved domestic leagues around the world kicking off again we are underway.  Being a football supporter in the UK, has a few pretty good traditions.  Match of The Day, Football Focus, Sky onRead more

The Barcelona(Swansea) Way

So being Monday Morning, after an amazing weekend of sport with the Tour De France, and Bradley Wiggins triumph followed by the Open Golf, where Ernie Els came back to win with Aussie Adam Scott throwing it away, it reminded us, why we all love sport. So with there being a break in football forRead more

Aston Villa 0 – 2 Swansea City

Took me a while to get this one done, but its worth it.  Living away from Wales, I have actually been to more away games than home games through the years around the London area, but this Christmas with the nearest game being Villa we set about it, and luckily got 4 tickets for theRead more

Life in Swansea

So if you ever wondered what you can get up to in Swansea after a game, I found this video for you.  A bit of a late night grub down in Morriston? TweetRead more

Swansea Season Update

So the premier league has now seen 6 weeks of action, and so thought about time for a quick round up so far.  I have a few pictures from the opening fixtures too, from Senior Weaver.  Teams running out vs wigwam first home game in the premier league. I think when the fixtures came out,Read more