Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower. There have been a lot of great travels in the last few years, but this, going back to a place where I spent so many good years as a child. Thats right, good old Wales. I know when I was young my Grandfather would always take us to town thisRead more

How Good Can we Be?

So with 6 games gone in the premier league season, I started thinking after watching our team this season, and our relative stability, that despite a couple of results which could have gone better for us, being in 5th after 6 games, we are doing rather well.  I know there has been some negativity aroundRead more

London Town

Picadilly Circus by night. This week, I managed to be in the UK for a special wedding which I’ll update about soon enough. Its always good to go home to see the sights of the UK, as it really does boast some of the most eye catching monuments the world has to offer.  Above obviouslyRead more

What could the Premier League learn from MLS?

We are constantly told by the British media that the Premier League is the best league in the world, and now in terms of entertainment it probably is.  There are question marks over the standard at times but in general you watch a whole season, and you will be entertained.  Now this enhanced reputation ofRead more

Swansea City : The Fall and Rise

Alrighty then, so it has been a while since posting.  Moving house will do that to you.  Anyways, the BBC just came up with this documentary on the Swans, which will show you exactly why the club means that much to me and all the supporters….  Its 40 minutes, and if you were at theRead more

The Swansea Story

So over the holidays, I was back in the UK, and managed to go to a good few games including Reading away, Fulham away, and Man Utd home.  Being able to watch the team you love play Premier League football, is amazing for any fan, but when you have come from where Swansea have, itRead more

Tiki Taka

So some people probably wonder what the Barcelona way is all about, and now the Swansea way.  Well this illustrates it well. [youtube][/youtube] Interesting TweetRead more

The Evolution of the Premier League

Well yes.  Its been called that before and it will be called that again at some point, but really this weekend, it did once again fulfill this tagline. I know I used this shot already, but seriously this is one of the greatest shots I have seen in football.  Just the emotion on the fansRead more

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