Success = ?

So this recent blog post and subsequent Linkedin post have really pleasantly surprised me with the amount of engagiment they received.  The subject of both was building your own path to success and what you would tell your 14 year old self.It shows there are so many people who have chosen their own career path, very different from theRead more

Ways to learn as a family during these times.

So here we are, day 10.  We decided to basically lock down as soon as this thing started to look dangerous in the US and thus far, its been a pretty surreal experience with snow the first two days and then glorious sun the days since. It feels a bit like a social experiment thatRead more

Is there a silver lining to all this?

I’m sure like many of you, the developments over the last week have seemed nothing short of surreal.  What started as a news story on TV has quickly become something affecting friends in Europe, to now something which is hitting home with work being affected, day care and school closed and people being told toRead more

Giving Yourself Permission.

Maybe it was the advent of smart phones.  Maybe it was the advent of social media.  Maybe it was the rise of accounts on social media encouraging us to “be the best versions of ourselves”.   I mean it’s not new.  Before all this I was reading as many self improvement books as I could. Read more

Guanos 2018

This weekend, we got so lucky.  Great waves, offshore wind and no one really out since its Guanos…. [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

France 2018

I’ll write a few thought out blogs in the coming weeks, but for now just wanted to fire up some photos from an insane trip this last month. Breakfast everyday. Potty training. The happiest baby. Chez Minus, my favorite place to eat. Capbreton Biarritz The crew! The one who makes it all possible. Our house.Read more

Parenting Role models

Writing the blog above did make me think about how lucky we are to have so many good role models and so thought I should add a role call.  Sometimes we think about role models at work or proffesionally, but doing this made me think how many damn good parents we know… So in noRead more


Another year around the sun and another opportunity to get a great crew together for a beach trip.  The crew consisted of a Fin, a Fin/American, 3 Americans, 1 German, 1 Canadian, 1 Aussie, 2 Brits and 2 german/British children. Mareike organized the whole thing as she is the best ever.  I thought it wasRead more


In my quest to learn my camera ever more, we ended up at seaside this weekend for a day. There is something magically peaceful and calm about the coast.  Yes, we know, we’ll need to live near the beach one day. Because as Lilly knows, thats where the home is… Even with a grumpy faceRead more

Coffee Withdrawal?

About a month ago after coming home with yet another headache and seriously questioning my own mental state I finally succumbed to the ask from the good lady to go to the doctor.  These headaches have been going on a while now, mostly on a Monday and Tuesday sometimes later in the week, but usuallyRead more

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