Canon 6D

After a while of playing around with the idea, I finally went in on a New camera recently, the Canon 6D and a new couple of lenses.  Only early days but I’m pretty happy so far! When Snowmagedon hit! From the top of Council Crest Snowdays.This is with the 50mm 1.4 lens.  Amazing piece. TheRead more


Luckily enough on a trip for Brian Greens birthday a while back I sneaked down to Mexico with him and the gang for a 30th birthday party.  So when we had to find a spot for a few nights near California for the family, I knew just the place, K38 down in Baja, Mexico. WhereRead more

Twenty Two – Hamish Duncan

Back in the day I used to live religiously by snowboard magazines.  Every month making the trip to the shops to pick up Snowboard UK, Whitelines & Onboard.  Essentially 3 monthly bibles which shaped everything around my life at that point.  Which tricks were going down, which riders are coming through, places to go, peopleRead more

Tualatin Surf Club

This weekend, we headed out to the coast with a good crew of the folks at Nike who all surf and headed for a great couple of days of surfing, beers, sing alongs and BBQ action. The first day we ended up getting called out by some locals at Seaside “Go back to Tualatin” wasRead more


One more post to just round off the trip.  Encinitas always is worth another post.  Such a great place with amazing beaches, great food, mellow vibe and good times always down there.  Definitely worth the trip. Lenny decided to get himself a dog for the afternoon from a friendly face above. In between building himself hisRead more

Drink Water Double Tap

The last couple of years we’ve been heading to Bend to ride Mt Bachelor for the Dirksen Derby, and its become without doubt a highlight of the year, so hearing that it had been cancelled was a shame, but thankfully, winter was saved by the good folks at Drink Water, Austin Smith, Curtis Cizsek, BryanRead more

Portland in Fall

One of the best things with our new spot is the view from the front door… We also got some rainbows into the house. Portland in fall is one of the nicest places ever.  Beautiful light, great looking city. Bridge City! We’ve also got the changing of the trees right now too, pretty epic. We’veRead more


Living here in the Pacfic North West, I’m definitely at home here in Portland, and a signed up member of all things Portland Sports wise.  That said, Seattle being close has been long due a visit, so thankfully last week with some good weather we made a go of it.  From up top the viewRead more

Sou’wester RV Park

Last week we went up to Washington, to a zone I’ve not been before to Long Beach 30 mins north of Astoria. Filled with classic RV’s including the Potato Bug, its a pretty amazing spot, very unique and very much a must visit spot. We were posted up in the Silver Streak with a nowRead more

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