Timothy Lake

Thats right, its a hat on the lake…. This weekend, we headed to find another gem of a lake.  It involved a pretty amazing drive up through Mt Hood. Its one of those picture postcard spots not far from Portland. Lenny boy went for a shopping trip to grab snacks and supplies for our roadRead more

France – les continuation

Towards the end of our trip, we got a last minute addition to the team, Senòr Weaver, in town for a couple of days to see us all, play with Lenny and look watch the Wales game. Lenny was pretty into the board I had for the week. Even taking it for a test driveRead more

France part 3

This picture above pretty much sums up France for me.  Sun, beach and friends. The other things which sums up France is unbelievable baked goods.  People in the US would be here asking about it being gluten free, vegan, low fat, no sugar etc.  The strange thing is you never see anyone fat in France.Read more

France 2016 Part deux

Nothing better than this to wake up too. This is our spot, right by the beach, with a perfect sun bathing zone. French breakfast, about as good as it gets. Dont worry guys, we got this. Its been great here, Lenny has a couple little friends to play with, so he decided to read themRead more

Crossfit Maidstone

This winter I spent a few weeks back in the UK, for longer than I have done in a while, and so one of the things I needed to find was a gym.  Through the years whenever I have been home for a week/month/summer I have always tried a place to go, and usual planRead more

Pacific City Summer 2016

It seems like every time we head to Pacific City for a long weekend, we have a very very memorable weekend.  We were here November 2014 for Colleens birthday which was amazing, offshore wind, cold, crisp and beautiful. This time in mid summer, with it being Mareikes birthday, we wanted to celebrate with some sun,Read more

Summers Back!

Thankfully after a long winter with a lot of dark and rainy days, we are getting back into the days of summer.  Lenny decided he was ready to get some sun… He was mad we didn’t bring him a surfboard. Out on the water for the some people it was great, whilst for mere mortalsRead more

Sunday in the Park

Just thought a few pictures from a nice picnic in the park might be good. Sometimes the most simple things, are easily the best.Market of Choice take away, some sun and a little tent. Flying man….! Could be Gabriel Park or Austria.. Time for a nap Raaaarrrrrrr TweetRead more

La Jolla

We headed here today to another new spot for me, La Jolla, on the recommendation of some locals, Mr Fox, S.   Mellow waves, sun and a nice bit of sand, pretty damn perfect. Our set up is pretty locked now.  Find a bit of sand, find a wall to dry wetsuits, and then getRead more

Manhattan Beach

We headed South yet further yesterday to a well known and well loved spot, Manhattan Beach, and luckily caught both sunset and the lights being turned on for the evening.  Quite a sight.  Shot this with a 2.5 second exposure to capture the light better. There were some big waves pounding the pier, and whenRead more

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