Luckily enough on a trip for Brian Greens birthday a while back I sneaked down to Mexico with him and the gang for a 30th birthday party.  So when we had to find a spot for a few nights near California for the family, I knew just the place, K38 down in Baja, Mexico. WhereRead more

Back on Snow

So working backwards I figured out that this year is my 20th season snowboarding. Some how may first day was a race day.  But turns out I love racing these days. Also love to see when friends are able to leave an imprint on Snowboarding such as these Dragon goggles from Schoph. Bryan Fox, anotherRead more

Optimism for Snowboarding

This past weekend, we were in Bend, riding Mt Bachelor for the 10th annual Dirksen Derby.  A hand dug course with the tightest turns imaginable, a few icy spots and a good few hundred of the great and the good snowboarders from current heroes like Austin Smith, Louif Paradis, legends like Scotty Whitlake to theRead more

Twenty Two – Hamish Duncan

Back in the day I used to live religiously by snowboard magazines.  Every month making the trip to the shops to pick up Snowboard UK, Whitelines & Onboard.  Essentially 3 monthly bibles which shaped everything around my life at that point.  Which tricks were going down, which riders are coming through, places to go, peopleRead more


Surfing is fun.  Traveling to surf is probably more fun.  I often wonder what Surfing would be like if I lived at the beach.  Without the need to travel, drive, fly, organize to get somewhere to surf, would it have the same joy that it it does right now for me, almost as an escape?Read more

Look Good Naked.

As someone who feels like at 38, they are in “decent” shape for being an office person with wife and child, I have never felt that fit or strong though and always felt like i have a couple of pounds to lose and so I was intrigued when someone at work sent us a noteRead more

Hottest Weekend of the Year

This weekend was the hottest day of the year so far in Portland and definitely the hottest day of the year at the beach.  97′ the car said when we left, but thats easily the hottest i’ve seen it in 5 years.  As you can see it looked more somewhere tropical than Oregon this weekend.Read more

Tualatin Surf Club

This weekend, we headed out to the coast with a good crew of the folks at Nike who all surf and headed for a great couple of days of surfing, beers, sing alongs and BBQ action. The first day we ended up getting called out by some locals at Seaside “Go back to Tualatin” wasRead more

A Letter to my 14 Year old Self.

I’ve never written a blog post like this, but since me and the good lady wife now have a son, I thought maybe a few life thoughts whilst I’m somewhat still young, well, middle aged if you ask my body, as to what I would say if a 14 year old asked me for adviceRead more

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