The Journey is the Destination

Since its the Christmas break we decided to head south again to try and find some sun and waves.  Being a good 15 hour drive south you can either just straight up turn from our house onto the I5 and drive the 1200 miles or so, or take a scenic route. We decided to tryRead more

Drink Water Double Tap

The last couple of years we’ve been heading to Bend to ride Mt Bachelor for the Dirksen Derby, and its become without doubt a highlight of the year, so hearing that it had been cancelled was a shame, but thankfully, winter was saved by the good folks at Drink Water, Austin Smith, Curtis Cizsek, BryanRead more

Our House, in the Middle of our Street, PC 2016 edition

Thats a good looking crew right there.  Men, women, children, dogs, beanies, some shoes and no plaid some how.  This was the crew we celebrated Colleens birthday with, at her 4th, 29th birthday.  Minus Maggie and Sade. Great looking guy. And maggie of course. We were lucky enough to be blessed with rainbows, double rainbowsRead more

Portland in Fall

One of the best things with our new spot is the view from the front door… We also got some rainbows into the house. Portland in fall is one of the nicest places ever.  Beautiful light, great looking city. Bridge City! We’ve also got the changing of the trees right now too, pretty epic. We’veRead more


Living here in the Pacfic North West, I’m definitely at home here in Portland, and a signed up member of all things Portland Sports wise.  That said, Seattle being close has been long due a visit, so thankfully last week with some good weather we made a go of it.  From up top the viewRead more

Sou’wester RV Park

Last week we went up to Washington, to a zone I’ve not been before to Long Beach 30 mins north of Astoria. Filled with classic RV’s including the Potato Bug, its a pretty amazing spot, very unique and very much a must visit spot. We were posted up in the Silver Streak with a nowRead more


The north end of canon beach is one of the best kept secrets in plain sight.  Down the beach a mile you have hundreds of people like ants on the beach, yet up the way, you can find a perfect spot, secluded with some great surf. Lenny approved of course! and was practicing his standing/jumping/climbing,Read more

Timothy Lake

Thats right, its a hat on the lake…. This weekend, we headed to find another gem of a lake.  It involved a pretty amazing drive up through Mt Hood. Its one of those picture postcard spots not far from Portland. Lenny boy went for a shopping trip to grab snacks and supplies for our roadRead more

Best Oregon Surfing Ever

I know.  I only seem to post about the coast these days, but honestly, its so damn beautiful, it makes it very hard not too.  This photo above, last sunday night was pretty fun.  Sani paddled in, and I decided on trying to surf the newly crowned Europeak, and quickly realized its pretty much justRead more

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