White Water Rafting

Yesterday we drove 2 hours inland to a white water rafting river from Balis highest mountain, 3000m up (we didnt go that high but still). We jumped in our boat with our seemingly blind captain, who Gary described as “is this bloke seeing what I am seeing, that huge rock coming towards us, yes we”reRead more


The Hindu Temple After some of the best surfing on the trip over the last few days we took a ride over to Uluwatu on Wednesday.  It has a hindu temple in the middle of a Monkey Forest, where the monkeys run wild and try and grab your glasses and hats.   Big Chief MonkeyRead more

Various from Bali

Since we have been here Mark has been getting Arty, close, far and everything in between on his camera.  Here are a few of the best… Thanks for the pics! Me Mareike, Tom and Sylvia on a little road trip.   These things are FUN. Another dreamy pose from the wife…Jimbaran, probably the hottest placeRead more

Surf pics

The Green Machine in action post Java Coffee.. Today we were greeted by some better shaped waves up near ku de ta, real nice long rides and not closing out so after the last few days the Scottish contingent were like unleashed tigers 🙂 These are a few pics we took on the beach breakRead more

The Sea

Thats what it could look like soon if i can get up quick enough!Sylvia on day 2 surfing!   So far we have surfed, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Ku De Ta, Jimbaran andmark and gary went to Dreamland, Tom and Sylvia went to Uluwatu by mistake.  The waves have been fairly big and so most beachRead more

Our House!

This is the Before after, white, non muscley.  And ready for Bali….. Our house is pretty amazing, with a pool, nice bedrooms, good set up in general and a few wild animals running about the place.  Good work Mareike! We soon discovered 2 things. Tom West’s arm pits look like he has a monkey inRead more

The Flight

We got some good prices on some good flights to Bali, unfortunately the Thai Airways people havent installed tvs in the seats yet! Shizer news but it was made up for by some extra leg room for big jigga.  Along with the Blume sisters, we got bedded down for the 10 hour then 4 hourRead more


We spent the weekend with the Blume family and the newly named Drunken Sisters, the support act of Drunken Masters…. Here is 1 with little Nora.  Auntie  Mellisa TweetRead more

The Best Picture in the World

Have you ever seen a better picture? Many of you will know my love for the home land of Wales. I am also allegedly Welsh, well they say “British by Birth, Welsh by the Grace of God” at least thats what we get told growing up….Anyways, my beloved Swansea have a team down the roadRead more

We are leaving the Building!

We are off on Holiday to Bali. The full 8 man crew (well and ladies) for the Midlife crisis tour…. I am turning 30, and what a good way to do it Updates will be less frequent, but way better than the daily drawl on here now. Keep living the Good Life and check forRead more

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