Austrians Listen Up.

Video: How to use a roundabout Now please will someone show Austrians how to use a roundabout. Gets them very confused, on a daily basis. TweetRead more

The Berrics

Probably one of the best sites out there. Updated daily, original content, amazing ideas, and something very different from most sites. Battle of the Berrics 2 is coming soon, vote for the skaters you want in… TweetRead more

Football Season

There were 2 matches of great importánce Chelsea and Barcelona but more importnatly FC Volders faced my team Innsbruck wintersport Verein. Obviously a big match, so i took 2 supporters along in the form of Ryan Evans and Tom West…. The stress of a big match crowd got to me and my first touches were,Read more


Easily the best movie ever to come out of the Mack Dawg stable….. TweetRead more

Forum Presents Forever

The new movie from Forum. 6th Team release looks set to blow up again.Daniel has some good shots in there, which is great news for us Euros, check his backside 9/10? Check it out…. TweetRead more


Just imagine the Jaws music… Is it a shark…?  Is it a fish… No its the westshow a la water…. 2 WEEKS TILL BALI!!! TweetRead more

Street Dreams

Ryan Sheckler “I saw you trying something crazy over there, what was that?” Random up and Coming Kid “360 flip crooked grind down a handrail? Your living in a Fantasy Land” That line alone must make watching this film worth it…. TweetRead more

Volcom PBRJ Finals Video

No Event would be complete without the event report, so thanks to the Good Folks at Volcom, here it comes all the way from Beautiful Les Diablerets, I present the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam European Final! Found this little beauty on their site too…. Knackarsh TweetRead more

3 Movies to make you think….

Go checkout these films, all thought provoking, all free thinking, and all challenging everyday concepts. Amazing.The first Religulous is about the worlds Religions, and does make you think. Every religion in the world stems from the basic believes in the Virgin Birth, a date around 25th December, somewhere around 200 years ago the reincarnation laterRead more

James Thorne

Is a pretty talented man. Not only can he throw some mean shapes on a snowboard, race faster than you on a racebike around London, and has possesion of some of the most out there clothes known to man, he is also a mean skateboarder. Check out this video TweetRead more

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