Underwater Camera

Thats what an Olympus does underwater… I got a new camera at Christmas from Mum and Dad, very nice of them and so we took it to Aschau to test the water as it were before Bali. The waters cold, but its amazing down there by the lake.   Its still clear you can seeRead more


With all the snow gone aswell, and thanks to Mandie Fresh at DNA, Jiggaman is now rolling on some habitat love.  So after a few years break we started up on the skateparks again.  I have been so impressed with the facilities on offer around here now.   Henry Rock Fakie In Zillertal we haveRead more

Football Season Is On

Welcome back sore feet, sore legs, but so fun for the Summer months.  Friday we played in Patschakofel, up above 1000m, scene of our 17-0 defeat last Summer.  This year though we had a easier team to play, they were sponsored by VW Innsbruck, so still more proffesional than us as they had warm upRead more

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