Halldor Helgason, Sage Kotsenburg and Ethan Morgan brought together by Johannes Brenning.  Mayhem crew.  Best trailer ever. [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Superpark 2013

  Last month we all made the journey over to Bend, one of the nicest drives possible as you head out there in the sun.  Oregon had been blessed with some of the nicest weather of the year, day in day out, sun, so we set to it over there, with a solid crew inRead more

Keystone the Movie

[vimeo][/vimeo] Halldor and Johannes put out this little gem….  Good stuff…. TweetRead more

Terror Squad

We just had Halldor and Ethan here at Nike.  Straight up terror squad.  Good job they can snowboard decent besides their off snow antics. [vimeo][/vimeo]   TweetRead more

Snowboardermag Superpark Edit – Vote now!

So the Snowboardermag Superpark edit Battle of the Brands just dropped with Nike.  Vote here  This bloke above Peetu, just sending it on the hip here…… I guess you might have read about this back in May, but here is the edit. [vimeo][/vimeo] Some hammers in there…..Halldors knuckle drag and Ethans early grab ft 360Read more


Over the past couple of years I have started swinging the old metal a bit, and seem to actually be quite liking it.  Its a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon, and courses seem to be built in some pretty epic locations.Its a weird sport, because no matter how much it is a physicalRead more

The Atlantic Cup

This week saw the Atlantic Cup go down in Anglet, France, with teams from across the world.  We made up a Great Britain team, with some legends on the pitch for us including James Stentiford, Marcus Chapman, Adam Gendle and the Greg the rock Martin at the back alongside me.  With Ed and Alex LeighRead more

Penkan Snowboarding

So Ethan Morgan, Jamie Nicholls, Kevin Backstrom, Peetu and young Mr Rowan Coultas all were in the park a couple days this winter, so I filmed, Ethan edited, and this is what came out. Take a look world [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more


This week in Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon, Superpark 16 is going down thanks to the good folks at Snowboardermag US.  This is an event I have been looking forward to checking out for a while, as you always see so many legendary features.  The carpark above resembles a bit of a campground through the day.Read more

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