The annual season kick off that is went down this weekend.  Here is a quick round up from the Landiweise, down in Zurich, What better way to kick things off than the view from the drop in.  Nice weekend of weather in Switzerland. The weekend belonged to this guy, Halldor, who was running theRead more

This weekend, we are down in Zurich for the start of the season pretty much for Europe, with  Just a few quick pictures here from Saturday with the boys sending it nice and deep.  This is the view from the top of the ramp, ready to drop in?  Try and make it all theRead more

Preseason Time

So with the glacier opening the park in a few days and on the back of Gjermund and Peetu getting the money in the bank, its about time the rest of the unit get up to speed, and for this young money Mr Kevin Bäckstrom he has been living a lot of the goodRead more

Dream Team

So we just rolled back in from which was a pretty succesful weekend for the crew.This shows whats up…. Gjermund is the boss and won the event with the cleanest b12 double you ever saw, Peetu came 3rd by running the place and Kevin, well Kevin pretty much just hustled ladies.  Ethan had someRead more