Maldives The Trilogy

So we are jumping on the boat today.  This is how yesterday afternoon went down… If Carlberg made Pubs.   Gary just enjoying “something Blue with Gin in it”   This is Jenny Jones cruising along, she is a great surfer!   Tom Eldridge is an even better surfer.  Any incentives should be split withRead more

Maldives Part Deux

We each have our own little house between 2 of us for the first few days, getting on the boat tommorow.  This is the residence a Greenshields and Weaver.  Big pimping block no. 223.   The Trees seem to be pretty wild on this island, each one of bascially made up of hundreds of smallerRead more

Maldives Bitte!

Day One.  Henry Jackson is on fire, Pretty amazing place have to say.  Some great waves, good food, and some wildlife..   You know the deal by now, with the shots from the plane running into Maldives. The way down to our crib. You have to take boats everywhere here. Gary just dropped in andRead more

Mr Greenshields

Enjoying the start of Summer with some Moules Frites, and getting some tan. Taking a nice little drive along the coast. Hanging out with this old guy just enjoying some afternoon sun This Dog was just living it up, although poor chap it was about 25 degrees and he had his winter coat on still.Read more

Tales From the T Bar 4

Tales From The T Bar episode 4 from tales from the t bar on Vimeo. Another video for today from those chaps putting out the Tales from the T Bar series.  Highlights to peep include Chris Chatts method, Gary Greenshields making a cameo, Tom West grabbing some nose, and DVG doing some tuck knee bananas.Read more

Gossip From The Goodlife

GOSSIP FROM THE GOOD LIFE (Taken from my new feature on the onboard site) SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2010 – FEATURED, FEATURED CONTENT, FEATURES – NO COMMENTS » Welcome to our new bi-weekly column called ‘Gossip from the Good Life.’ Every other week Jon Weaver will give you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the European shred scene. Here’s some background onRead more

Dont Panic! Isenseven new trailer

Isenseven – “Don’t Panic!” TEASER from Vincent Urban on Vimeo. Here is the latest trailer from the cool kids down in Munich from Isenseven.  Another banging trailer, with some great work by all the riders and filmers involved.  Keep an eye out for Gary Greenshields, Gjermund Braaten and Simon Gruber getting in amoungst it… TweetRead more