Guanos 2018

This weekend, we got so lucky. ¬†Great waves, offshore wind and no one really out since its Guanos…. [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Powder Day

So being nearly Christmas for most people winter is just starting, but for me, it is pretty much been going down since mid september or so, with contests, pre season, shoots etc, and whilst its been super fun going round the world a few times already seemingly, we havent actually seen much snow yet, mostlyRead more

The week in pictures

So this week, has been a mixture of hospital visits, get well soon Jan and Ethan, and then trips to Switzerland. Pretty hyped on taking the train nowadays, met a woman who used to do my job for squash players on the train. Found Switzerland has some good flowers…. Mums WI would like a bitRead more