Facebook is Killing People

GOSSIP FROM THE GOODLIFE – ADDICTS: GETTING YOUNGER EVERY DAY First things first, kids a machine, Love him Mark Mcmorris who has been asking when he is going to be priviliged enough to make the Good Life Blog Jon Weaver returns with more musings from his experience of contemporary pro snowboarding. This week it’s aRead more


Peetu on his way to winning the Air&Style Munich with a heavy cold and no training. The boy is unreal. Photo: Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0 Jon Weaver returns with another installment of his always thought-provoking column, Gossip from the GoodLife, with the question: What does it take to be a pro snowboarder? WHAT IS A PRO?Read more

Gossip from the Goodlife part 7

THE REBIRTH OF THE ANTIHERO The modern antihero. Photo: Frode Sandbech Jon Weaver is back with a new edition of his vastly popular ‘Gossip from the Goodlife.’ This time he ponders the question what makes Halldor Helgason such a loveable character… The Rebirth of the Antihero Contest snowboarding is bringing snowboarding to the masses onRead more

Doing a Season Gossip from the Goodlife

GOSSIP FROM THE GOODLIFE – DOING A SEASON, INNIT Tom Copsey | 17 December 2010 | Comment Share5 Former chalet girl Jenny Jones takes her first of 3 Winter X Slopestyle golds. No biggie. In his latest contribution to his swelling sack of Gossip from the GoodLife articles, Jon Weaver trains his keen eye on the phenomenonRead more


Sometimes when you see things often enough, you can take them for granted, much like a pretty lady, so you have to stop and appreciate the finer things in life. Yesterday we had to get some portraits done up in Lanersbach with the team, and did it up at this amazing house in Lanersbach whichRead more

Did Internet kill the Video Star – Onboardmag.com

In our bi-weekly column ‘Gossip from the Good Life’ Jon Weaver will give you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the European shred scene. After examining the UK shred scene in his first post this time he marvels about the wonders of modern technology and what it means for snowboarding… Internet killed the video star? Halldor HelgasonRead more

Gossip From The Goodlife

GOSSIP FROM THE GOOD LIFE (Taken from my new feature on the onboard site) SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2010 – FEATURED, FEATURED CONTENT, FEATURES – NO COMMENTS » Welcome to our new bi-weekly column called ‘Gossip from the Good Life.’ Every other week Jon Weaver will give you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the European shred scene. Here’s some background onRead more