Surfing is fun.  Traveling to surf is probably more fun.  I often wonder what Surfing would be like if I lived at the beach.  Without the need to travel, drive, fly, organize to get somewhere to surf, would it have the same joy that it it does right now for me, almost as an escape?Read more

Maldives Part Deux

We each have our own little house between 2 of us for the first few days, getting on the boat tommorow.  This is the residence a Greenshields and Weaver.  Big pimping block no. 223.   The Trees seem to be pretty wild on this island, each one of bascially made up of hundreds of smallerRead more

Maldives Bitte!

Day One.  Henry Jackson is on fire, Pretty amazing place have to say.  Some great waves, good food, and some wildlife..   You know the deal by now, with the shots from the plane running into Maldives. The way down to our crib. You have to take boats everywhere here. Gary just dropped in andRead more

Vernon Deck

Good Morning World. If you want to check out some amazing pictures, stories and stolen moments from one of the leading lights of Photography, head over to this guys blog Vernon Deck has some amazing stuff on his site where you can check out his work with Volcom, his travels, his times in Norway, whereRead more

The OC

Aswell as being one of my favorite tv shows 5 years ago, the OC is also home to Newport beach, laguna beach and a whole heap of rich folk. The picture above shows it all. Cars, money, trees and sun. It’s a beautiful part of the world though with some beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets andRead more

Bergen black and white night

Stale, Frode and Thomaz living Bergen life. I took the black and white out tonight, we went for dinner, drinks and to try and go in some bars but mostly it ran like this. Me: hey have you guys got fake Id? Kevin: yep all good bro, rolling on 19 hereBouncer at a bar :Read more

Hungerpain Part 1

In order to preserve the film for enternity, I decided to upload these onto the interweb, for all to see.As you all know about 5 years ago we made a film about British Snowboarders called Hungerpain.  With loads of the best up and coming riders all eager to prove themselves Hungerpain stepped up and showedRead more

A Change is as Good as Holiday

So for all of you who keep up with the good life on a regular basis, you will know that for the last 5 years I have been living, breathing, eating, sleeping, riding, jumping tweaking and basically living Forum whilst working out of Innsbruck. I also threw a few jiggaflips along the way aswell asRead more