Keystone the Movie

[vimeo][/vimeo] Halldor and Johannes put out this little gem….  Good stuff…. TweetRead more

Sexual Snowboarding Wednesday

We made this clip to get you in the mood for Halldor, Eiki, Gulli and Johannesbeeresaft new movie Sexual Snowboarding. Well I also made video. My skills have gone down since I havent edited in a while.  Maybe its lack of times, but we here go, Saturday training before Air and Style.  Check Jamies CabRead more

This weekend, we are down in Zurich for the start of the season pretty much for Europe, with  Just a few quick pictures here from Saturday with the boys sending it nice and deep.  This is the view from the top of the ramp, ready to drop in?  Try and make it all theRead more

Sexual Snowboarding

The Guys at have just launched the trailer for their new film, Sexual Snowboarding.  Have a watch above. And since its all music and action on here.  Heres Diplo and Beyonce.  Go figure. TweetRead more

A couple of pictures for Terneuzen

I had a request for a couple more pictures from the guys in Terneuzen especially Dave Krijgsman who wanted this shot of him, his boys and Halldor. I know this badboy wanted this picture with Silje… This guy got his dad to stop painting his house to drive 2 hours to come and shred withRead more

Indoor Tour Komen and Laandgraf

After Ghent we jumped in the van of dreams, well it actually smelt pretty bad of Halldors boots, two dead bananas on the floor, and had a strange smell which must have come from Johannes.  We headed for Komen for their indoor spot, which is one of the best we have been too.  So manyRead more

Its going down

So time for blogging has been super limited, please excuse me for that, but I have been making all kinds of things getting ready for ISPO, two air and styles amoungst other things. These are a few of the videos we have been getting onThis is another with Jamieand this is with the Boss HalldorRead more

Halldor in Breck

Just a quick little video about Halldor, and how he runs his game, this was all filmed by Jess Gibson, one of the guys behind robot food…..Legend right there Halldor at 6.0 Open in Breckenridge from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo. Have a good day! TweetRead more

Did Internet kill the Video Star –

In our bi-weekly column ‘Gossip from the Good Life’ Jon Weaver will give you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the European shred scene. After examining the UK shred scene in his first post this time he marvels about the wonders of modern technology and what it means for snowboarding… Internet killed the video star? Halldor HelgasonRead more