The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.2 – Lord Johannes Brenning

The second in the series of the Goodlife Gentlemens Club, focuses upon one of Snowboardings leading lights, who is making it happen, behind the camera.  Some would call him visionary, some would call him sicknote, either way, he is a great bloke, and definitely welcome alongside Henry as honorary goodlife members.  His name is Johannes Brenning, the man behindRead more

Everything and Nothing

So today we are getting packed up and leaving Hintertux, well Mayrhofen, but yes, we have been here for the last month with the whole team, I will post a few more pictures, but in the meantime here is the last few days here… This was the weather on Monday.  Cloudy everywhere in Italy andRead more


We just got back from a busy busy week in Norway.  Lots of good stuff going down all round, with some beautiful fjords, mountains, sunsets and good people.   There was some bad weather thrown in for good measure too, so the crew had luckily Jamie Nicholls on hand making cups of Yorkshire Tea.  Halldor,Read more

The Good Life…. The Busy Life

So the last few weeks have been pretty hectic, X Games, then Air and Style Innsbruck, then ISPO, then a couple of days with the team in Mayrhofen, and just packing the bags now for Munich for the 6.0 Air and Style, and then next week Norway for Arctic Challenge.  All good, but pretty tiring.Read more – Sexual Snowboarding

Sexual Snowboarding – Teaser 1 from on Vimeo. Best movie of the year?  You know it!  This is how snowboarding should be…Sorry for the lack of updates, but back on the grind now… TweetRead more

Skiers look away now…

I guess I am already a day or two late, but this is pretty funny, and good to someone calling out the lame looking skiers in their gooky outfits.  I guess the only thing which this could be bad for is if those gooky skiers get into tight pants and jeans with their skis.  PleaseRead more