Hungerpain Section

Thats right, with all the full parts being posted by everyman and his dog, I thought about time for me too.  Post this on your blogs kids, this is how my snowboarding was, back in 2005.  Boom.  Next time you do a front board on a box, remember your old mate the jiggaman was doingRead more

Henry Jackson and Ollie Plumley in Hungerpain

So after a bit of a break, we are back with the rest of Hungerpain all up online,with the next part coming from Henry Jackson, Ollie Plumley and Adam Ben Rahba…Enjoy, especially Henrys pow lines, winter is comingHenry Jackson in Hungerpain from The Good Life Jon Weaver on Vimeo. TweetRead more

James Thorne in Hungerpain

So here we go with the next installment, the one and only Mr James Thorne.  We were all so stoked to film with James, and he had a fire under him all season.  James was based in Mammoth most of that winter, until he headed to Mayrhofen, equipped with some jeans and an orange balaclava.EpicRead more

Ryan and Kelly Evans Wedding

This weekend saw one of the legends of the crew get married in a lovely ceremony with the beauiful bride Kelly. The wedding took place up in tutbury castle up near derby, a beautiful setting for ther big day. We had the boys in the house And the lovely looking girls in the house 😉Read more

Hungerpain – Tom West and RMB

One of the bangers right here… check out Tom Wests breakout part and the legend that is RMB! Tom West and Roland Morley Brown in Hungerpain from The Good Life Jon Weaver on Vimeo. TweetRead more

Ricky Barrow in Hungerpain

Continuing from the intro, here we roll into the opener.  For the movie there was lots of talk about who might get the opener, but after a good long season, one of the best things of the year was seeing what footage Ricky Barrow came back with.  Pretty much a wheel”barrow” load…. Enjoy Ricky BarrowRead more

Hungerpain Part 1

In order to preserve the film for enternity, I decided to upload these onto the interweb, for all to see.As you all know about 5 years ago we made a film about British Snowboarders called Hungerpain.  With loads of the best up and coming riders all eager to prove themselves Hungerpain stepped up and showedRead more