Isenseven – Fools Gold

So the good folks down in Munich have come up with their latest teaser and as always its a banger.  Featuring mr König, Bäckström and many more. [vimeo][/vimeo] and just incase I didn’t post it already, then here is the final video from the chosen.  Great work by the filmers and editors.  Amazing riding fromRead more

Isenseven Trailer

Isenseven 2011 – Welcome Trailer from Isenseven on Vimeo. Some good stuff going down up in here, especially this one shot from Wojtek to keep an eye out for…..always good times in these films… TweetRead more

Isenseven M(adventures)

Today finals went down here in Oslo, pretty insane riding going down, and Mr Sage Kotsenburg finished 3rd, so he is pumped up.  Great run doggy! Sage was dropping some cab 12 doubles like it was a walk in the park Gjermund was back in the building and finished 6th! Ethan was charging the railsRead more

Stairset Battle Vote MK

Check this out!! The homeboys Tom Elliot, and the rest of the MK crew have uploaded their own video to get you to vote for their slope for the Stairset Battle Tour, nice ones chaps! Vote MK – from Tom Elliott on Vimeo. TweetRead more

Gossip From The Goodlife

GOSSIP FROM THE GOOD LIFE (Taken from my new feature on the onboard site) SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2010 – FEATURED, FEATURED CONTENT, FEATURES – NO COMMENTS » Welcome to our new bi-weekly column called ‘Gossip from the Good Life.’ Every other week Jon Weaver will give you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the European shred scene. Here’s some background onRead more

Marcos Mansion

This is a video that the man Prendi and Tom Elliot, did together from an event in Solden last year.  Pretty sweet set up on the glacier.Nike 6.0 Marco’s Mansion from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo. Please excuse the lack of updates, there have been overnight trains, sleeping in airports, taxis, lifts and everything to reportRead more

Dont Panic! Isenseven new trailer

Isenseven – “Don’t Panic!” TEASER from Vincent Urban on Vimeo. Here is the latest trailer from the cool kids down in Munich from Isenseven.  Another banging trailer, with some great work by all the riders and filmers involved.  Keep an eye out for Gary Greenshields, Gjermund Braaten and Simon Gruber getting in amoungst it… TweetRead more

Times Isenseven

This is a short video from the guys over at Isenseven who doing an amazing job of bringing out quality videos time and time again.  Its already been out for a year, but with this song, it has a great feeling and so thought I should get you all to share some bavarian music…All togetherRead more