Superpark 2013

  Last month we all made the journey over to Bend, one of the nicest drives possible as you head out there in the sun.  Oregon had been blessed with some of the nicest weather of the year, day in day out, sun, so we set to it over there, with a solid crew inRead more

US Open

This year, marked the first time for the US Open to be in Vail, and in its 31st year the first time outside of Burtons home of Vermont.  Now for those of you who have been to Stratton Mountain you will know why they relocated, because the snow is way more reliable here, and itsRead more

Dew Tour 2012

So despite the fact that nowadays people only seem to look at pictures on instagram, i thought I would keep flying the flag for blogs around the world with a  few pictures from the annual American Contest season kick off.  Above the man Lago sending it deep for the crowd in Breckenridge.  The Pipe wasRead more

Jamie Nicholls Full Part

The man, the myth, the English Legend, Mr Jamie Nicholls just got this edit out…Banger! [vimeo][/vimeo] Good work soldier! TweetRead more

Transworld Team Shootout

So the Videos for Transworld Team Challenge just dropped and we at Nike have ours on there alongside some amazing videos from Burton Oakley and Special Blend. You get 10 days, anywhere to film, so a step from years gone by where crew would just build a single park you could do anything soRead more

Dryslope Snowboarding – Strawberry Jam

This is actually what Snow looks like in the UK.  This is what people do on that “snow”.  This is perma snow, one of the new surfaces.  Snowflex is probably still the premium, but both look way safer than Dendex.  I still have a broken finger from 1997, which is thanks to that stuff. HopefullyRead more

Penkan Snowboarding

So Ethan Morgan, Jamie Nicholls, Kevin Backstrom, Peetu and young Mr Rowan Coultas all were in the park a couple days this winter, so I filmed, Ethan edited, and this is what came out. Take a look world [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Davos Contest Report

Yep. Its dumping here.  This is how its looking… watch this video… [vimeo width=”656″ height=”499″][/vimeo] Spencer, Jamie, Ethan and Sage all up in here today was the partner in crime today.  So much snow here in Davos now, its amazing. Jamie on the way over in the morning. That was the overnight snowfall. Thats itRead more


Seriously Iceland must be one of the nicest countries in the world.  The people are amazingly friendly, they have beautiful people, they take credit card everywhere, have amazing hot dogs, and it is so beautiful.  This is just near where we stayed on this trip in Rekyjavik.  As we were shooting something, there was perfectRead more

Nike Chosen Series

So the Nike Chosen Sessions are dropping real soon across Europe, with one huge final event next Spring, which riders can get the chance to  win a spot at.  There will be the Nike Team, Some other shred machines, and the kids who win the spots at the event.  Watch below and get the ideaRead more

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