Maldives Again

Onboard our ship, we didnt have much internet, well there was but Aimee Fuller was busy keeping her 797 twitter followers updated 24/7 about things, so the blog was limited, but looks like it has been updated anyways. This was our boat, such a sweet ride, with suntan deck, bar, and a whole host ofRead more

Maldives Numero Quattro

We jumped on the GTM cruiser yesterday for our boat trip.  Complete with sun decks, spare mini boat, fishing stuff, and an amazing crew, who I already owe all a beer.  Amazing boat with Air Con, great food, and enough places for sunbathing… We did a spot of surfing this morning, then Jenny and AimeeRead more

Maldives The Trilogy

So we are jumping on the boat today.  This is how yesterday afternoon went down… If Carlberg made Pubs.   Gary just enjoying “something Blue with Gin in it”   This is Jenny Jones cruising along, she is a great surfer!   Tom Eldridge is an even better surfer.  Any incentives should be split withRead more

Doing a Season Gossip from the Goodlife

GOSSIP FROM THE GOODLIFE – DOING A SEASON, INNIT Tom Copsey | 17 December 2010 | Comment Share5 Former chalet girl Jenny Jones takes her first of 3 Winter X Slopestyle golds. No biggie. In his latest contribution to his swelling sack of Gossip from the GoodLife articles, Jon Weaver trains his keen eye on the phenomenonRead more