Sage Kotsenburg Emergence

This year we have been working on a few things, one of which was a video series to follow up Never Not.  This shows you were Sage came from and why he is the man. [vimeo][/vimeo] See.  The Man. TweetRead more

Designed to Move

Now don’t think this blog is just me spouting about  Snowboarding and the like, but every now and then I feel the need to add in stuff which I feel affects the world in which we live. One of those is a project brought up in a recent meeting called “Designed to Move”  Now beforeRead more


I have just been going trawling the internet, and after catching up with someone who worked on the Olympics, Italian legend, Giacomo Margutti, i thought these adverts specifically around the Olympics deserved a quick bit of sunshine.  These are all pretty amazing pieces of work, with different directors, different stories, but everything seems to beRead more


So sometimes through your life you end up in places or trips, where you pretty much need to pinch yourself, and this trip is definitely one of those.  I know some people who think this blog is just me saying about how nice life is, but to be honest, if you get these opportunities and you dontRead more


I know I have posted about this before, but this ad with P Rod is pretty all time. [youtube][/youtube] have a good weekend. TweetRead more

Nike SB – Eric Koston

I found this on youtube recently and pretty much shows why Eric Koston is the man.  Love it. [youtube][/youtube]   TweetRead more

The Chosen Black and White

Yesterday, well the last few days the weather has turned kinda crappy here, and so its been a limited amount to do.  Being the motivated bunch though, we sent some of the crew up the hill. These two blokes were making it happen up the hill, and getting the riders motivated. So I thought sinceRead more

Nike Chosen Sessions

So i guess you all want the inside scoop on the Nike Chosen Sessions.  Well I did my very best to get some shots of the park for you.  This is what I found. This Moustache is happening. This hair is being worked on. His hair is being worked on.  and his suntan.  Olive oilRead more

The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.3 – Sir Jan Schröder

I know. The Gentlemens club doors have been somewhat closed recently because of the ridiculous scheduling of the winter seasons events, so my time to get these done has been lacking.  So for the next bloke, we chose another from the behind the scenes, who is making it happen for riders across the world, soRead more

Back for the Future

Take a couple of minutes out your day, to watch these videos, in aid of finding a cure for Parkinsons. So I am sure we have all watched Back to the Future, and this is something Nike, Ebay and the Parkinsons foundation are coming up with to raise money, awareness and try to find aRead more

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